Dynamo Brest Academy joins in celebration the International Chess Day

Academy 21 July 2020

The pupils of the “North-West” branch (Oshmyany) of Dynamo Brest Academy spiced up their training routine with an unusual activity – the kids learnt to play chess. A professional FIDE chess coach made an entertaining journey to the world of chess on the International Chess Day. The 2-hour master class has been held with support of Belarus Chess Federation.

The experienced teacher introduced young sportsmen to the benefits of playing chess. These are the improvement of concentration, memory and strategic thinking, practicing discipline and learning to bear responsibility for own decisions.

Igor Kontsevoi, deputy of the Director of “North-West” branch (Oshmyany) of Dynamo Brest Academy:

“We were invited to take part in the master class, and we accepted the invitation, because it’s nice. The kids reacted well to the proposal. This is a new, interesting and useful experience for us, even if the main direction of our Academy is playing football.