FC Dynamo Brest – in regional Hall of Fame

Club 01 July 2020

By the decision of Brest Regional Executive Committee, FC Dynamo Brest are the winners among the institutions of physical culture, sports and tourism in 2019. Our club has achieved the highest results in reaching the goals and entered the Hall of Fame of Brest region.

The Honorable diploma was handed during the grand ceremony on 1 July 2020.

Sergey Vorobyov, the General Director of FC Dynamo Brest:

“Today we were handed the honorable award – for the winners of regional competition among the institutions of physical culture and sports. The award was a pleasant surprise for our crew. I know that the governmental bodies noticed us and our champions title. Big thanks to all employees of our club. First of all, to our team that proved everything on the pitch, and also to the specialists that work out of the pitch, but they do a crucial job to secure the best performance for the team. Thank you, everyone!”

Previously, FC Dynamo Brest won the golden medals of the Highest League in 2019. Our team gained 75 points, having left behind BATE Borisov (70) and Shakhter Soligorsk (65).


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