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Club 03 July 2020

FC Dynamo Brest Director General Sergey Vorobyov commented on the situation in the club following numerous questions from media representatives and fans related to the players' well-being.

Sergey Vorobyov FC Dynamo Brest Director General:

"Yes, indeed, there are people in the team who are ill. Several players of the core team are being examined. They have taken tests for coronavirus. However, there are no test results yet. Therefore, it is too early to draw any conclusions. The atmosphere in the team is healthy and positive. We strictly follow all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. 

As for the absence of some of the main players on the field today, the reason is obvious - injuries and penalty cards. In addition, if you watched yesterday's game of the reserves, you could have seen that the club made some changes and renewed the second team, adding young and talented players from the Dynamo Brest Football Academy. The result was immediate – out 3-0 victory. We also decided to give young players today a chance to prove themselves."

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