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“We stopped playing after two scored goals”

Commentaries of Radoslav Latal, Pavel Savitsky and Aleksey Gavrilovich after the win over Luch.

Pavel Savitsky:

- We’ve been playing well for the first 30 minutes, in the end of the fist half we’ve failed 15 minutes and conceded a goal. The second half was a bit tough. Personally I did well, scored twice, but could score more, as well as my teammates. It’s nice that we have won and grabbed three points. Home victory is good.

I think, we were really nice during first 30 minutes, giving no space to the opponents, using passing, diagonals. We’re still building our play, understand each other better and better. The win I’d like to dedicate to Artem Milevskiy, who’s got an injury. I wish him to get well soon.

Aleksey Gavrilovich:

- The score is narrow. There were many chances, but we couldn’t score another goal, which made us nervous. The closer was final whistle, the less time we would have to score if they would have scored their second goal.

We’ve been playing more defensively, saving the score, taking less risks. Two scored goals are okay, but taking into consideration all moments, I wish we scored more.

Pasha Savitsky can hide somewhere for the whole game, but then he scores from nothing, this is his peculiarity, he’s been showing it in Grodno also. It’s good that everything went well in the game against Luch.

Radoslav Latal:

- We stopped playing after two scored goals. I’ll have a talk with the lads about this. Second important moment: if we realized at least half of our chances, we’d end the match much calmer. We stopped pressing after 30 minutes, dropped back. It was hard to create moments and keep the tempo.

In the dressing room during the break it was said that we should return to our play, which we had shown in the beginning of first half. There were moments after the break, but we didn’t score.

In the end I asked to drop deeper, because it’s hard to pill the pressure for the whole game. In general, I need to watch video and analyze. We have some problems with realization, but today Savitsky, Fameyeh and Nekhaychik could score.


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