Thursday, 10 May 2018 23:00

Ivanauskas: Team needs shake-up

General Manager of Dynamo Brest Valdas Ivanauskas comments on parting ways with Radoslav Latal and tell about searches of a new Head Coach.

- Recent League’s results weren’t satisfying Radoslav, players and the management. This is a tough decision. His professionalism and attitude to duties were on a very high level. We had important games and too many points are lost in the League. The team needs changes, needs shake-up. Latal accepted it normally, because there are no results in the League. Yes, reaching the Cup Final is good, but in the League we haven’t shown the result we’d been expecting. Latal took everything as a professional. I would like to thank him again for his job and attitude. Many players, especially young ones were shown the right way.

How did the idea about appointing Sergey Kovalchuk as an acting Head Coach appear?

- You know about Mr.Kovalchuk’s status in Brest. He has been saving the club under severest circumstances for a long time. His professionalism and reputation are beyond doubt. This all lets me think that his appointment will benefit the team.

At what stage are the searches of a new Head Coach?

- The search goes on, but today we have an acting person, so there’s no use in discussing this topic. Now we are preparing to an important fixture against Vitebsk on Saturday.

Next Match

Venue: VCSC 22.09.18 (Saturday) 18:00
Dynamo Brest
Dynamo Brest

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