Thursday, 10 May 2018 23:05

Kovalchuk: I don’t need adaptation period

Sergey Kovalchuk shares impressions after another return to the role of the Head Coach of Dynamo Brest, with the prefix ‘acting’. 

- I don’t need adaptation period. When we learnt that Latal’s leave’s inevitable, there was a talk with the management, and the top-priority condition was to appoint a person, who knows the team’s inner processes. It’s important to underline that as of 10 May my position is the acting Head Coach. I know that the searches of a new Head Coach are already started, so I agreed to take this temporary role.

Do you have an idea, how long will you act in this role?

- You’d better not think too far in our life. We’ll work with what we have now, and let’s see what happens. Now we won’t change anything, as there’s a game in two days. There will be some changes after the match against Vitebsk. We’ve discussed this topic with the coaching staff.

How will these changes reflect on the team?

- Of course, the departure of the Head Coach won’t leave unnoticed. Someone likes it, someone not. The players must understand that we must improve the situation as soon as possible. This is the most important thing.

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Venue: RSC "Brestskiy" 29.05.18 (Tuesday) 20:45
Dynamo Brest
Dynamo Brest

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