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“I want my team to attack, as playing defensively is not our style”

Dynamo Brest’s Head Coach Aleksey Shpilevskiy summarizes the victorious Western Derby.

Before the game you told that fans’ expectations are high. Did you have the same and could the team meet them?

Yes, we expected a hard game. A derby, and it was felt from the first seconds. There were a lot of tackles, the referee sometimes was soft. The lads showed good cohesion. The week has been busy, I realized the game would be tough for us, on top we have injured players, so I’m happy. Of course, the performance was not an ideal one, especially in the second half, but the boys gave it all, so I congratulate them. Well done.

Right after Gomel I told: ‘forget this game and let’s focus on Neman’. I knew the opponent, I know Igor Kovalevich, how he can tune the team, so I’ve been preparing the lads to this game. Thank them for the game.

1:0 score is pretty dangerous. On top, there were games where we were losing three points during injury time. What have you changed?

Everything was told during video analysis. We’ve shown that from the very start they must play solidly in defense, play as a whole team. And stay focused until the very last second, as the ball can slip through. I want my whole team to attack, as playing defensively is not our style, it doesn’t meet our new principles, and the boys understand it. We are happy with the team’s progress.

We haven’t seen Dickson for a long time. Why have you chosen him for this game and what’s your assessment of his time on the pitch?

We know that Dickson’s strength is his speed and acceleration, so he has been creating danger. Artem Milevskiy and Pavel Savitsky were a bit exhausted, and Dickson did well during his time on the pitch.

Алексей Шпилевский Динамо-Брест

Aleksey Shpilevskiy and Andrey Zaleskiy after the game Dynamo Brest - Neman.

Chidi scored a decider, but was substituted in the end. What’s the reason?

He was also tired, playing closer to attack. The zone between Kargas and Chidi was growing, as Chidi closed it improperly in the end. As a result, we decided to bring Kirill Premudrov on.

Prior to the Derby, there were a lot of talks about Pavel Savitsky. He made two doubles in a row, but hasn’t scored today.

As all other guys, he did his best. His performance was not ideal, as it’s not an easy task - to play against former club: the expectations are high. Nevertheless, I think, Pavel did well. I’m happy with his play.

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