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The results of Joao Santos’ seminar in Brest

On 3 and 4 October in Brest there was held an educational seminar of a Portuguese specialist Joao Santos.

During two days the representatives of Dynamo Brest and other Belarusian clubs have been communicating with the coach, who has been earlier working in S.L. Benfica’s youth system and Portuguese National Team.

The main topic of the seminar was “Functioning and development of a modern football club’s academy”.

The participants discussed the principles of footballers’ selection into an academy, cooperation with the main team, handling players from CIS, Africa and Latin America, transmission of youngsters into adult football and multiple adjacent aspects.

The speaker Joao Santos, a coach of Dynamo Brest U16 Ruslan Azarenok and an ex-player of Belarusian National Team, Dinamo Minsk and Sheffield Wednesday Petr Kachuro share their impressions after the seminar.

Joao Santos

- This is a great honor for me – to receive an invitation from Dynamo Brest. I love sharing my experience with others and draw new knowledge from coaches, in this case – from Belarusian. Of course, I came not to teach someone, but to share my knowledge, tell about football structure in my country. Such seminars are a common pattern in Portugal and other foreign countries.
I have only positive impressions from the event. It’s always nice to communicate and learn how football is being developed in a new country for me. This knowledge I got from the multiple questions which have been asked during the two days. This makes me happy and I see that the participants came to learn something new, not just to idle away. I hope the seminar will give to all the participants some food for thought for them to evaluate the information and draw own conclusions.

Ruslan Azarenok

- We’ve learnt many useful things on our specialization – operation of the academy. It was useful to learn the principles of Portuguese system and compare with our experience. It’s also interesting to know how much freedom do players in Benfica have during trainings and games. There are no frames. There are some moments during our work when we describe the action plan, but on the pitch the players take decisions on their own.

Petr Kachuro

- It was very pleasant to learn things that we have to develop in our football. These are right attitude towards young players, how to bring them up, prepare mentally and organize the educational process. Having implemented this, we can receive fully developed footballers who will be ready to help our National Team.

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