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Artem Milevskiy: I want to make people of this city happy (Video)

Artem Milevskiy’s first commentary after his return to Dynamo Brest.

We are happy to welcome you back as a player of Dynamo Brest! What are the emotions from the contract?

- I’m also happy to greet everyone. And, surely, this is a more exciting moment than it was during the first time. Now the expectations are higher, and I’m fully focused. I’m very happy and I want also to greet our fans, who have been waiting for this moment, this transfer.

First of all, my parents are very happy. I want to thank everyone involved in this move: above all, my manager Alex Pankov, who made such a present for my Birthday. So, Alex, no more presents. Thanks! And I’m so happy to return home.

You may know that there were loads of commentaries in social networks after your departure – “Milya, come back!”!? And you are here again. Please, a couple of words for the supporters who wanted to see your return to the team.

- Yes, I know about it, half a year passed, but the memories about the heavy departure are still alive. It was so hard for me to leave Brest, but everything ended well. Dear fans, I love you so much. I’m pleased indeed that you have been worrying, you are worrying, so see you soon at Brestskiy. And I believe the results will return.

You mentioned that today’s your Birthday. Congratulations, of course, we wish you the best success in the new season. The contract in clinched for two years, do you feel pace to work it until the end on your high level?

- I think yes. I’m full of pace, and now I’m very motivated on top.

As for the goals for the season… I have two trophies, and from the second attempt I… I want Pasha Nekhaychik to see nearby, we have a very strong team this year. I want to become champions from the second attempt. This would be very nice for the city, however it will be harsh. As far as I know the city celebrated 1000-year anniversary this year, indeed, I’m well-prepared (laughs). So, I want to make the citizens of Brest happy, as their support has always been incredible. We will do our best – that’s for sure. I’m speaking for myself and for the team, we will do our best this year.

The players of Dynamo Brest will return from vacations in a couple of days to start preparation to the pre-season from a medial examination.

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