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Igor Astapchik: Ready to invest in Grodno region

Big interview of Dynamo Brest Director Igor Astapchik.

This year after a long break the Regional Council of Deputies included our club into the registry of benefit recipients on property and land taxes with reduced coefficient. How will the club spend the funds?

- All the received funds we’ll forward to building the club’s base in Krasny Dvor. Currently there are 3 natural pitches of a good quality, administrative building which is well-equipped. Meanwhile there’s much space there, and we have planned to build a hotel for 120 persons, where we’d like to accommodate Academy’s boys from other cities, and footballers renting apartments in the town.

Apart from living spaces, we also want to see classrooms for learning process, where youngsters could have lessons with tutors, do hometasks. Also, we plan to have a swimming pool, a gym, and a medical department on our base. Everything is already planned and agreed with all departments. The technical building is ready, now we expect to solve some land issues, before start projecting and negotiations with potential builders.

Simultaneously we explore several variants on building a hotel complex. For instance, we’ve visited Poland recently, where examined the project of prefabricated block hotels. We want to find the best option.
This and the next season will be spent on expanding the training base, but later we will have a serious material base, which will help us in realizing all projects within training process, and will be helpful for other departments as well.

For example?

For example we a planning a serious medical department and providing our scout department with equipment and software. We aim to create a scout department corresponding to all standards, which we saw in our partner clubs of western Europe, and we shall invest a lot in it.

What else?

We are also projecting an artificial pitch in Krasny Dvor to have possibility for early pre-season start and late season end.

Surely, now we own a pitch on Yunost Stadium, which has been renewed at club’s expense two years ago. It’s practically new, but one pitch is not enough. Apart from it, we plan to erect a close manege with another standard-sized pitch. These two pitches are necessary not for main and second teams’ trainings, but also for younger ages. We’d like to see kids training near main team. They must see the sessions of main team to have possibility for communication with first-team players.

Besides the hotel and the artificial pitches, we plan to dwell on landscape design: we’ll replace the fence, make a good entry group, add an obstacle course for certain segments of players’ training process.

База Динамо-Брест

Aren’t the newly-built open manege and Yunost enough?

Indeed, there’s an open manege, which offloads Yunost until some extent. The Academy’s coaches had numerous complaints on difficulties with scheduling due to Yunost’s business. The pupils of Republican Center of Olympic Reserve, our Academy and Ruh have trainings there.

Surely, the open manege partially solves the problem, but the two additional pitches on our base will also increase our possibilities. By the way, now we install floodlights on Yunost for spectators to visit games during dark part of the day. In this regard we additionally invest in Yunost Stadium however it doesn’t belong to us, but football is a common case.

Should we expect changes in Alexandriya’s branch?

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, everyone is doing his job, which may not be seen from outside. But the efforts will pay off soon. Speaking about Alexandriya, we definitely want to improve the local infrastructure. We plan to lay quality running tracks, because now there’s an asphalt surface. We will also build a sound-isolating fence: there’s a railway nearby and the noise from trains disturbs the training process. These are certain investments, but they must be done.

You’ve announced the expansion of the Academy. Are there new details regarding this?

The Board understands the necessity to capture the North-Western region and later – other Belarusian regions. On 26 December we’ve sent a letter to Ostrovets’ authorities with a proposal to create the FCDB Academy’s branch like in Alexandriya.

Why Ostrovets?

Ostrovets’ population is dramatically increasing recently due to erection of nuclear station. Nearly 10.000 specialists will work on it. Keeping in mind that they all will come with families, we receive a serious number of city-dwellers. The city stadium has been recently opened there, but it’s not enough. Only with an academy the stadium will work with proper efficiency.

I’ve already visited Ostrovets and held negotiations with the Chairman of Regional Executive Committee, he is a person who loves and understands football. We’ve discussed the preliminary action plan and are already making certain steps in this direction.

A group of parents from Myadel district asked us to open a branch of the Academy there after Alexander Zaytsev’s interview to TUT.BY portal. We will definitely visit Myadel, it’s the same region, which will ease development and management.
There’s also a Postavy district from Vitebsk region, where there was an academy, and we stay in contact with its former director. We offered him to make a common project and I’m sure we’ll succeed.

Won’t the conflict on Savitskiy’s case become a deal breaker? Ostrovets is in Grodno region.

Currently we have a steady dialog with their Executive Committee, and we reach mutual understanding. I don’t believe we should connect the two cases. If we are denied to open an Academy due to the dispute, this will be another proof of city authorities’ negative attitude towards us.

On contrary, we want to invest in Grodno region. By the way, one football pitch costs nearly 300 thousand USD. This is more than Neman’s claims. But the issue is not about money, it’s about principle. And we are the right side in the dispute. They want to get some money from us, like in 90s, but we resist to it. We are ready to invest in Grodno region even more, but we won’t pay for Savitskiy.


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