Sunday, 24 February 2019 13:17

Dinamo Tbilisi 2:1 Dynamo Brest

A narrow defeat in the third friendly at Turkish camp.

Dynamo Brest: Pavlyuchenko, Vitus, Katsikas, Pavlovets, Veretilo, Kislyak, Noyok, Nekhaychik, Milevskiy, Fameyeh, Khoblenko.


Key moments of the game:

  • Vitus and Noyok picked up yellow cards in similar episodes after a foul on the left flank. Milevskiy was fouled in the penalty box, but he missed the penalty kick.
  • Noyok fouled in own box, got the second yellow and headed to the dressing room. The Georgians scored from the spot 1:0.
  • While Bykov was preparing to enter the pitch (both teams agreed to play with substitutions after red cards, if only the fouls weren’t deliberately dirty), on the left flank number 11 placed a nice shot into far corner. 2:0.
  • Milevskiy held the ball in the centre, passed to Veretilo, Oleg found Fameyeh, but the Ghanaian miscued the ball.
  • Duarte replaced Katsikas, Laptev – Milevskiy in the second half. The game with two forwards was a sort of fruitless. The opponents made mistakes, but our team did even more. Fameyeh and Duarte had their chances, but the ball was sent off the target.
  • Later on, Khoblenko was replaced by Savitskiy, Fameyeh – by Yuzepchuk, Nekhaychik – by Sedko.
  • Late in the game Savitskiy got the ball in the corner of the box, moved towards the net and scored after a little flick. 2:1.
  • Immediately after there was a chance for an equalizer, but Kislyak didn’t receive the ball in a crucial position.

The next game for Dynamo Brest at the Turkish camp will take place on 26 February at 17:00, against Obolon-Brovar.

Next Match

Venue: RSC "Brestskiy" 24.11.19 (Sunday) 14:00
Dynamo Brest
Dynamo Brest

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