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Riccardo Pecini and Stefano Ghisleni’s master class

On 4 and 5 June in Brest hotel Hermitage there was held a master class of Italian specialists Riccardo Pecini and Stefano Ghisleni.

All peculiarities of scouting work were highlighted during the two days. Every participant prepared own report, that has been analyzed together with the speakers.

The guests from Italy summarized the master class after its finish.

Riccardo Pecini:

First of all, I want to thank for the warm reception. It was really interesting to spend the two days together with Belarusian specialists. I think the meeting was useful for us, as well as for the auditory. It’s our first visit to the Eastern Europe.

I guess every party needs such an exchange of experience. I’ve brought here the same information, that I use in own scouting department. I haven’t changed anything, no secrets. The difference is only in interpretation. There’s no mystery here, just a hard work and mastering of own methods.

The main problem of the guys from your region is the citizenship restrictions. There’s no core difference in youth level and culture. Italian teams just have more problems while signing players without EU passports. We have plenty of lads from Eastern Europe, but they arrive from EU-countries, on my opinion, this is the only barrier.


Stefano Ghisleni:

That was a great master class. The exchange of experience was a special treasure for me, conversation about methods and approaches, that are used in Italy and Belarus. That model, that has been presented to the audience, has already been approved in practice in many countries. It absorbs a player’s forming from both technical and psychological points. It’s nice that most of the methods are already used for youngsters’ upbringing in Dynamo Brest Academy. I’ve felt the feedback from the audience, and this is very pleasant.


Pecini has been working as an international scout in Fiorentina and Tottenham, Chief Scout in Sampdoria, Sports Director of AC Milan Academy, Technical Director in AS Monaco and General Director in Empoli. Ghisleni – as a coach in the academies of Atalanta, Verona and Sampdoria, and Technical Director of Empoli Academy.

Previously in Brest there were held the master classes of Giampiero Ventrone, Joao Santos, Juande Ramos, Gordon Strakan and Brian McClair.

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