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Licka: A job to do for European qualification

Dynamo Brest’s Head Coach speaks on win over Isloch, injuries, young players and possible joining to Russian championship.

- Today we scored five goals, this is a very good job. Isloch are the team that has very quick counter attacks. Their forwards always seek an opportunity for shooting.

We deliberately gave possession to the opponents for them to play in a positional attack. This is hard. I also asked my guys to use crosses. I wish they did some crosses in the moments where they passed back. I was very angry. During starting ten minutes after the break we didn’t move the ball forward and the opponents scored after our mistake. It could be worse, but Noyok’s goal brought a relief.

Absence of continental fixtures? The teams that play there, deserved it. Last year we lost to Shakhter in the Cup and finished sixth in the League. All participants from Belarus qualified there through a hard work. It’s a pity period for us to witness other Belarusian teams in European cups, but this is a motivation. We must work today to play there next year.

- Pavlovets and Kiki played in the center of defense. Are you happy with this duo?

- Islosh’s striker Komarovskiy always does well, creating chaos near the goal. For Kiki and Alex that was first match together, but I think, they did their job properly.

- When should we expect Duarte’s return?

- It’s hard to predict today, I need to see him in training. I thought I’d use another player as a winger for instance, but today it was Alex Khoblenko who started the game.

- Do players understand your directions from the byline?

- Yes, they understand very well. Perhaps, it’s hard for Alex Noyok to hear in the center, as he’s very involved in the process. I’d better talk to Veretilo, we have nice communication with him. If information reaches the players, they follow it.

- 5:1 without several key players. Was that an opportunity to bring in youngsters?

- I realized that I could use the opportunity. Today I released Saliw Babawo and Kirill Polkhovskiy. From the other side, if the score would be equal and the youngsters appeared on the pitch, Polkhovskiy for example would feel pressure from the stands. I don’t mean the youth lack some skills, they just have little experience.

- What’s your opinion on possible invitation for Belarusian teams into Russian championship?

- I hear it for the first time, this is something new for me. There’s a good league with quality players in Russia, I don’t know what to say. It would be superb to play there. These are big matches, big money, but long flying distances, Kazan, for instance. Why not? It could be a good initiative.

- What’s with Nekhaychik, Bykov and Fameyeh?

- Pasha’s fine, he has been training individually for whole week, I didn’t want to take risks and lose him for a long period. Bykov picked up a knock in Soligorsk, but he’s also fine. I won’t speak about Fameyeh.

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