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Aleksandr Zaytsev: Shifting fixtures makes League weaker

 Dynamo Brest’s President comments on a notorious reappointment of the game against BATE.

Every club that participates in the League, unfortunately, voted for such rules, that allow appealing to the Federation about rescheduling of fixtures. In this case, the cause for such an appeal was BATE’s involvement in European qualification. There’s nothing to do. BATE had right to appeal – and they did. As far as I know, according to the rules, the Federation doesn’t even need to ask our agreement on this.

We have announced our position to the Federation: we are ready to shift kick off within the weekend, namely to 18 August. Then followed the Federation’s decision. And they solved the issue as they did throughout many years. Of course, this decision is unpleasant and inconvenient, I haven’t expected this. I’m getting messages from many people, someone is disappointed, someone is angry. This doesn’t create good atmosphere.

Our city lives football, the region lives football. We’ve been waiting for the game. Moreover, we are losing money. We always prepare properly to a matchday, in this case we’ve splashed cash on TV, wanted to broadcast using 16 cameras. Now we have to write it off as sunk costs and reschedule everything to September if the weather is fine.

Shifting fixtures makes our League weaker. It’s fine to move kick-offs within a round, but not to September or October. I think, our Federation lacks consistency. There are many illogical decisions, many non-affiliated persons are involved in the process with voting right. Not everyone of them is a professional. You can be an honored person, but this doesn’t make you a pro in an administrative sphere.

If I had my way, I’d prohibited rescheduling fixtures to later dates. If teams know this, they’d build squads more properly, enforcing with quality Belarusians and foreigners. There’s also a clubs’ medical service issue, if you have many injured players during a season, you have to check every link, starting from doctors and ending with rehabilitation specialists.

Quality squad building will result in following: foreigners won’t finally become a separate item of income for sports directors, scouts, who decide own mercantile interests through pocket agents by purchasing no-name stuff.

Of course, several clubs don’t have funds to make better transfers, but if you don’t have enough money, you don’t compete for European qualification. This automatically eliminates your problems with rescheduling fixtures due to continental involvement.

Usually BATE say that the higher they go, the better coefficient our country gets. This is true, this is an important reason. They say, UEFA will spend more funds on our federation by supporting kids’ football etc. But this is fairy tales. We earn our money on our own. The rest pleas apart from country’s coefficient look like excuses for own mistakes, in particular, for medical staff and scouting department.

My position is unambiguous – we must avoid the practice of fixture shifting. Otherwise, we’ll remain in the outskirts, everything is about such little moments that shape our League’s prestige and value in the world.                                                                                                              

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