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"We stay on top. This is a pleasant feeling"

The comments of acting persons after the draw game against BATE (1:1).

Oleg Veretilo, Dynamo Brest defender

You saw, the game was hot, both teams wanted to win. I think, spectators liked the match. We realized the status of the game. I’m disappointed with the result. We’ve played at home and must win, moreover, we had a 100% chance before the first goal. We conceded a cheap goal, played poorly in the episode. As for the atmosphere, it seemed like we’ve been playing somewhere in Europe both before and during the game.

Denis Duarte, Dynamo Brest defender:

That was a good match between good teams. The result is fair, however I think our side was closer to victory. I did a mistake in the moment with conceded goal, then a streak of mistakes led to that goal. Such situations happen sometimes, especially in the games with strong opponents. The main thing is that we stay on top and the situation is controlled by us. This is a pleasant feeling.

Marcel Licka, head coach of Dynamo Brest:

I’m happy with the result, because that was an open game. We could score more than one goal, but BATE could as well. You should respect the opponents, who possess big experience and are very self-assured.
The game for me became a big football event. 10 thousand visitors on the tribunes and two teams on the pitch, who played in attacking style.
The result of Shakter’s game (0:0 away against Gorodeya) I learned only after the end of our match. It has no interest for me. We sit on the top of the table, having a two-point advantage to Borisov and Soligorsk. We must concentrate on ourselves. Everything is up to us.

Aleksandr Pavlovets, Dynamo Brest defender:

I wish we had more such games in the league. Thanks to the visitors for support. It was really pleasant to play, incredible emotions. I felt okay playing as a side back. If my team needs, I can become a goalkeeper. It was a bit inconvenient for the first time, but then it went better. We desired the win, but we have to admit that a draw was a fair result after all.

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