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Georgiy Dorbuashvili: My collections are common treasure that I won’t hide from people

Georgiy Dorbuashvili is well-known in Brest and whole Belarus as a coach and a collector, as it’s hard not to notice his hobby. Uncle Zhora tells to “City on Bug” magazine about his love for football and wrestling, and recollects Anatoliy Kapskiy, whom he knew personally.

Thanks for the talk before such a game. Many people know you, but if asked, how would you describe yourselves briefly?

- I’m in love with football, however I’m a master of sports in wrestling. Sometimes I took part in wrestling matches, but never stopped thinking about football. Of course, I love football not only as a supporter. I’m making a big collection, but I cannot say that it’s mine. It’s common, as many people including footballers, brought own items.

I rarely ask, but people see, for example, at the game with Jagiellonia Polish players came, saw and gave gifts. Dynamo Brest players also help a lot. People support me with this hobby.

I started playing football in 1969. Oh, that was fascinating! We had a beautiful radio presenter with a nice voice. If the radio broke – that was a disaster. Then there appeared TV sets, that people put near windows for other people on the streets to be able to watch football, other kinds of sports and films.

In the 70s my favorite team Spartak Ordzhonikidze promoted to the highest tier of USSR championship. This team later was famous as Alania Vladikavkaz. I always told that I’m a fan of Dynamo Brest, Dinamo Tbilisi and Liverpool, but my heart belongs to the team of my native town. However, I live in Brest longer than in Ordzhonikidze.

In the 60s I started collecting. Everyone did it. Someone collected singers, but I was fond of football. So, this hobby stays with me until now.

Now I collect albums, not note-books like I used to do in childhood. I’ve collected more than two thousand albums, however there’s enough material for another five hundred of them, so this is what I’m doing right now.

I think, thanks to my hobby, I gathered much information and remember many episodes. There are many fellows who until now remember all goals, scored in finals of Champions Cup or puts in athletics, made in different years of USSR championships. I also remember many things like that.

The thing is, this prolongs lives. The old men return to their youth. I’ve heard that either Celtic or Rangers made huge museums in Scotland with different collections and invite club veterans to recollect former victories in a nice atmosphere. If I meet my friends, 24 hours aren’t enough for our talks.

Keeping in mind your birthplace (North Ossetia-Alania, Nogir village), your love for wrestling can be easily explained. The Caucasus is the only place in the world with such a popularity of this kind of sports.

- The Dagestanians joke that their kids are born with first wrestling rank. They also joke that they can break left ear to anyone on demand. And when you drive a car, people think that you’re a wrestler. 

I’d say that there are many kids who aren’t fond of wrestling, this mass character is a bit phony. On the Caucasus not all kids attend wrestling halls.

I just didn’t notice there any special technologies, special preparation. Just a dad leads his son to the gym and throws to the mat. He struggles, fights, does his best, maybe takes third place in a youth competition, shows some other decent result and suddenly wins world cup. Everyone is surprised, that youngster was regarded to be as a weak wrestler.

It’s very important to set a certain goal. There are addicted guys who keep doing push-ups at night. Many lose their careers because of alcohol and drugs. That happened in my times, this happens now.

Nevertheless, I’m proud that many Olympic prize winners come from my little village Nogir. It’s great that my birthplace has more Olympic medals than Pakistan in all kinds of sports in total. And India as well.

However, everyone loves football in North Ossetia, no less than wrestling. Alania became Russian champions, playing with many own pupils. I regret that the man who led the team to the title, eventually killed it.

Valery Gazzaev?

Yes, I can openly say it. Thanks to Evgeny Savin for his film about this story.

Has he told something new?

No, just people didn’t tell about it before. Gazzaev is an influential person, he’s in politics now, but I don’t hide anything. Gazzaev cared about money, but sometimes he acted as a man, accepted own mistakes and resigned.

People said the same about Yury Chizh, who kept changing coaches like the wind, but in fact he just sacked those who poorly did their jobs.

Do you support Yury Chizh?


Isn’t it a wrestler’s solidarity? (Chizh was the Chairman of Belarusian Wrestling Federation)

No, I’m objective. Even as a wrestling official, if he fired someone, he helped them in finding new job position. Now we can turn to Kapskiy, who knew what he wanted, but Yury didn’t know. I kept telling to Chizh that he could build a far better and stronger team for the money he invested in Dinamo Minsk.

A couple of years ago I flew together with Dinamo Minsk to Villarreal, where they suffered a big defeat. And I saw some strange jeers after the match. To be objective, that opponents were better in any episode, but I don’t understand how it’s possible to laugh after such a game.

Next morning, I bought Spanish newspapers, showed them to the players, and only Sergey Kontsevoi showed some interest. The rest just went shopping. I realize how it’s important to bring gifts to relatives. I also went shopping, but mostly looking for items for my collection.

Георгий Дорбуашвили

You remember USSR football, when it hasn’t been regarded as minor in comparison with European leagues. Now everything has changed. Why?

I’ll make a little digression. Now everyone says there’s a football boom in Brest. There’s no boom if there’s no city league, no yard championships, as well as matches between educational institutions. We have only futsal, but it’s not enough.

I used to be an organizer of such local tournaments and almost all Dynamo Brest players used to take part in them. The guys were playing there, Nikolay Signevich for instance. Why can’t procuracy have own team? Police, rescue service, other structures…

There were tournaments for boys under 16, they were held on the pitch of RSC Brestskiy and even joked that Dynamo Brest would replace all own players with the boys in poor times.

The kids have complicated psychology. In this regard, you could do your best during trainings, but a kid can be “killed” by absence of attention in crucial situations. I even made first, second and two third places in tournaments, because it’s so hard to accept that you’re fourth. There were many funny moments.

The competitions lasted 5-6 months. And people who should develop football in Brest, told that we’re doing just sideshows. But that sideshows costed me a lot. Instead of making a memorial for my mom and dad, I spent the money on balls and prizes for youngsters.

My friends from the Caucasus often told me that I’m doing not mine job, working with foreign kids. But I never regarded the kids as foreign. I have Belarusian passport and Belarusian heart. I’m a patriot and try to help my country.

There’s another moment that I want to talk about. When we host a Chechen, Dagestanian or Ossetian teams, Belarusian citizens of these nationalities would come and support “their” teams. But this is not ethic! In the end, just come and be neutral.
I’d repeat, there won’t be a football boom in Brest without a support from masses. It’s not enough just to visit stadium, even in a such big crowd. It would be awesome if we applied Soviet sports system, with every single educational institution having own football team in a city league.

Our Brest Olympic sports school always took some youngsters after my tournaments. It was me who promoted Aleks Matyukhevich, when he scored several goals a game. Then he has been playing for Dynamo Brest, but destroyed his career himself. In this regard I’m happy for Pavel Sed’ko, who recently repented in the press at the age of 21. Nice guy!

As for comparison of Soviet and European leagues, the difference was seen on final stages. We used to beat them at early stages. I’ve been at the game between Dinamo Tbilisi and Liverpool, when the Georgians won 3:0, having totally outplayed them. Unfortunately, problems arose in semifinals and finals.

There was created a school of football in the Netherlands, the Germans also found own style and started working with kids. I often talk to the youngsters from Dynamo Brest Academy and ask: “On your opinion, where are workloads higher, here or in Barcelona Academy?” And everyone thinks, they’re higher in Spain, but it’s false. They teach to think, from very young ages.

It’s more important how you operate on a limited piece of the pitch under pressure, not how much you run or lift iron in a gym. Only classy players take right decisions in such circumstances.

I remember how trainings in Brest football sections used to be held. Kids run, warm up and start playing football. In good conveniences they play football on weekends only, they train all the time, learn how to play, learn tactics.

There were also non-typical examples. I’ve recently offered to make a 40 vs 40 match on the world day of football. That was a reference to football marathon, when we used to play football 24 hours. Once we’ve been playing football for 72 hours with no pause. There were more people, of course. I told the lads to have a nice celebration of New Year and on the first of January at night to come to a marathon disco.

Ending the big topic of kid football, I’d say that we shouldn’t connect schools with tournaments. I’d do them using enthusiasts and parents, maybe. Normally, collaboration with such big structures like school, ends in bureaucracy, but most just need transport and food to go for a tournament.

Earlier in Brest there was held a kids’ tournament “Millennium Cup”. Did you follow it?

To be true, I was busy. However, I offered to make a city tour for the guests. I made an exhibition dedicated to Kapskiy prior to the game against BATE.

Now we return to the person of Anatoliy Kapskiy.

He was our opponent, and you always have to respect opponents. A very honorable man. Our country would be far better if we had such specialists in all areas.

Were you personally acquainted?

Of course, I called him Tolik. I remember the golden match in Brest, when Dinamo Minsk would become champions if they won the match. Last game, much snow and if the game was abandoned, the Blue-Whites from Minsk would win the title in case of a default win. I offered to help in cleaning the pitch from snow together with my guys. So, I helped BATE in winning the title. We had a lot of jokes on this topic.

I always liked how Kapskiy could slam someone, even using rough words, but then always apologized, even publicly. This is a quality of a strong man.

He was a great football expert. I remember how Puntus moved to MTZ-RIPO to earn money, and Kapskiy found even better coach. The same touched footballers, he used to examine every single candidate. There were really few transfer failures.

And I don’t remember eight new players bought at once.

Is it a banter towards our club?

Of course not! Dynamo Brest just need time to build the backbone of the squad, to start gaining profit from the Academy. I tend to develop youth instead of buying aged stars. In this regard, I like what our management does.

Speaking about Kapskiy. It’s impossible not to respect the man. He made a huge contribution into development of our football. I would attract him to the management of our national team, to be honest, but not whole federation, as the temptation to lobby interests of own club is too high there.

That story with match rescheduling. Just laughable! In August our team was on a peak form.

Ending our interview, what should one do to see your collection?

Just call me +375298293405 and arrange a visit. This is our common treasure and I don’t want to hide anything. In the end, I’m collecting to share the history of football. 

From pre-match magazine “City on Bug” before the game Dynamo Brest - BATE

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