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Dynamo edge past Slutsk in thriller encounter

Late goals of Krivets, Kislyak and Khoblenko bring vital three points to Dynamo Brest.

Dynamo Brest – Slutsk 3:2 (0:1)

Goals: 0:1 – Dudik (14), 1:1 – Krivets (79), 2:1 – Kislyak (90), 3:1 – Khoblenko (90+4), 3:2 – Semenov (90+7).

Dynamo Brest: Gutor, Veretilo, Pavlovets, Kiki, Vitus, Kislyak, Noyok (Krivets, 69), Nekhaychik (c), Milevskiy (Vasilev, 93+), Savitskiy (Khoblenko, 72), Laptev.

Substitutes: Pavlyuchenko, Yuzepchuk, Polkhovskiy, Babawo.

Slutsk: Pankratov, Nazarenko, Trubilo, Obrazov, Takulov (Semenov, 70), Anyukevich, Dudik (Pustozerov, 68), Buraev (Krivulkin, 58), Jozef, Teterenko, Couadia.

Substitutes: Branovets, Kibuk, Serdyuk, Gubanov.

Yellow cards: Anyukevich (19), Milevskiy (36), Kiki (59), Noyok (62), Krivulkin (62), Krivets (74).

Marcel Licka’s post-match comments:

- Our today’s win proved the team character we have this year. We made attempts to score an early goal, tried to enter the penalty box, not always successfully. Denis Laptev and Artem Milevskiy had chances, but missed. Then the opponents successfully scored from a counter. When Sergey Kislyak made 2:1 – that was something extraordinary for me.

Five games left, we sit on the top. We know how our table rivals played, but there’s still a lot of work to do. We need to be mentally strong and last games will be like today’s one.  
We were playing a bit worse in the second half, but scored 3 goals.
I wish to congratulate Sergey Krivets, he has been a year out without football, waiting for this moment. That was a hard game for him, because it’s uneasy to enter the pitch when your team is down, but he scored the equalizer.
Oleksiy Khoblenko is our joker. He won the ball, broke into the penalty box and scored the winning goal. I also wish to congratulate Pavel Savitskiy with a born son, this is the most important event. I wish their child good health.

Didn’t you have a feeling that today’s game was a title decider?

- Well, 14 days ago we had another tough game in Grodno. Gutor brought that win, we scored only on the 81st minute. Today we were down until the 79th minute. As I say to my players, “winner win or loser lose”.

Sometimes coaches place bets on success, promise to shave off moustache or something like that. What are you ready to do for the title?

- Nothing special, I have no idea. I’ll go home :)

You are the best in Belarusian football who guesses with substitutions, this is stats. Your players appear and score. What’s the explanation? Is this a strong bench, gift of sight or mistakes in starting eleven?

- I’ve already answered such questions. Sava is capable to appear as a sub, as for Krivets, I planned, if Milya is off, Sergey will appear instead. Today he picked up a yellow card, that was a sign for me to let Krivets play 20 minutes. I won’t tell that I’m a super coach. Players on the bench should have positive attitude as well, this is very important for me.

Weren’t boys shaking because of the chance to increase the gap in the table?

- They all knew about rivals’ results. When we were leaving the pitch after a warm-up, heard yells from the stands “Shakhter lost! You must win today!”. And every player accepts this information in own way. Someone doesn’t think about it, someone doesn’t care, and someone thinks about the 3 points.

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