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Dynamo Brest Academy branch opened in Oshmyany

Football Club Dynamo Brest open second branch of the Academy.

The grand opening of a preparation center “North-West” took place on 1 November in Oshmyany. The branch will locate in Oshmyany and will cover Oshmyany itself, and also Ostrovets, Smorgon’, Ivye and other neighboring districts.

Aleksandr Shimkus is appointed as the Director of the branch, Andrey Kipra – as the head coach.

All facilities needed for upbringing of footballers, are located very compactly and include buildings for kids’ accommodation and nutrition, a secondary school and a training complex.

The General Director of Dynamo Brest Maksim Krasnobaev unveils more details about the branch:

Today is a special date, we are opening the second branch of FC Dynamo Brest. I would like to express my gratitude to Oshmyany Executive Committee, in person of Miroslav Sarosek. Beginning from our very first meetings, we reached mutual understanding, thanks to this we managed to implement all our plans in the shortest term. I’m more than sure that here, on Oshmyany land, we will bring up new talents that will strengthen the first team of Dynamo Brest, and play for Belarusian national team in international competitions.

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Slavia Mozyr
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