Sunday, 24 November 2019 20:00

Dmitry Asnin – goalkeeping coach of Dynamo Brest Academy

The goalkeeper Dmitry Asnin returned to Dynamo Brest structure in a new role: now he will be training young goalkeepers of our Academy.

Dmitry has already started doing own duties under the management of an experienced Yury Petukhov.

Dmitry Asnin’s commentary:

The conditions for trainings are just perfect in the Academy. As you see, we are in a manege, weather doesn’t influence on the training process. There’s a pitch of a beautiful quality here, the facilities are great. Equipment, balls – all what a footballer needs.

Expectations!? I enjoy working under the management of Yury Petukhov and Vasily Khomutovsky. My pupil goalkeepers can also improve own skills and we’ll reach common goals, e.g. develop ourselves and new generation of goalkeepers.

I aim to become better, get new knowledge and skills, use this all in my pupils’ favor and develop as a coach. That’s is, what touches football!

Yury Petukhov’s commentary:

I’d say that I’m happy to invite Dmitry Asnin to our Academy. I know him for a long time as a goalkeeper and a person. We are glad that he’ll work in the Academy. I think, this will be beneficial for goalkeepers’ preparation namely in Dynamo Brest Academy. Moreover, Dmitry Asnin is a Brest-born, so he returned to his native club, and he’s happy because of this.

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