Monday, 02 December 2019 21:16

Licka: “We felt no pressure”

After-match commentary of the head coach after a victory in Minsk.

- The game wasn’t tough as they used to be before, because there was no pressure, that’s why we were relaxed. The pitch was heavy, so there were many technical mistakes. But spectators witnessed four goals, which means that both teams were active in attack, no one wanted to sit near own goal. Both we and hosts wished to bring joy to own supporters, but our side was stronger. I think, we deserved the win.

Why wasn’t Milevskiy included into first eleven?

- I wanted to pick Yuzepchuk as a winger, and Chidi in the center. I saw after the match against Vitebsk that Milevskiy needed rest and recovery.

Will the team have an end-of-season party?

- We are going to Brest after the match, some players stay in Minsk. The official ending of the season will take place on 5 December in Brest. But tonight I’m going to Prague to study for a license. That’s why I have no time for official ceremonies, dinners…

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