Saturday, 21 March 2020 13:28

Post-match press conference of Sergey Kovalchuk

Sergey Kovalchuk answers the questions of mass media after the first Highest League’s game of Dynamo Brest against FC Smolevichi.

- Unfortunately, we haven’t got the needed result. We were ready to a very tough game. On top, we’ve played 120 minutes in a Cup match. I knew it would reflect on today’s performance, however didn’t tell it to the players. You need to score an early goal in the games against such tough teams, and we tried. Unfortunately, we haven’t turned the chances into goals, however we had plenty of moments to score and to grab the win. From the other side, we were one goal down, so it’s the way how it finished.

It seemed like there were less emotions both at the stands and on the pitch…

- Indeed, we lacked emotions. However, after the scored equalizer, there were efforts and emotions, and we had more chances. I think the result will come. There were nice moments to score and they were not occasional. It’s hard to break up the defense like this, but we were creating chances. More goals are yet to come.

We are used to a nice atmosphere at RSC Brestskiy. How does it feel to play without a great support?

- It’s confusing, however I thank those supporters who came. Not everyone decides to visit stadiums at this time. No matter how many people are at the stands, we have to do our best, fight and win. However, the absence of public is perceptible…

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Dynamo Brest

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