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Oleg Veretilo: “Nice to come to tribunes with trophy in hands”

Oleg tells about preparation to the championship, first trophy in 2020 and expectations from the European cups

It’s two and a half years since you’re in the team. Do you feel your status?

I wouldn’t say I feel like a veteran, but I realize I’m one of the most experienced players of the squad. Maks Vitus is the longest-serving player, then go Artem Milevskiy with me. So, I feel my status.

What was your reaction when you were selected as the team captain?

I’m grateful to the lads for their choice and trust. I mustn’t let them down, listen to their requests and appeals.

Who’s your closest friend in the team?

Everyone knows – Sergey Kislyak. Our friendship is no secret for anybody.

How would you evaluate the team’s preparation to the season?

I think we’re in a good shape. We’ve played three official games already, gained fitness, built cohesion. Hopefully, the matches won’t be delayed due to the epidemy and we’ll show a quality football.

What emotions did you have after winning the Super Cup of Belarus?

A special moment. This is the first cup I’ve lifted as a captain, a wonderful feeling. And it’s nice to come to the tribunes with a trophy in hands.

The Blue-Whites got two red cards in three games. What happened?

I think, those referee (Vitaly Sevostyanik – ed.) doesn’t like me. Every match under his refereeing I end with at least a yellow card. I’ve nothing special to say, the main point is that we reached the set goals.

Do you have any personal goals for the season?

The appetite comes while eating, so I’ll adjust my personal goals during the season.

Did the pre-season camps differ from last-year’s? If yes – how?

There were two camps this year, as we had to play fixtures in the Super Cup and Cup of Belarus. So, we had less time for preparation, but the sessions were more intensive. There was less running in comparison to previous coaching staff. Now we worked more with the ball.

How does Sergey Kovalchuk’s approach differ from Marcel Licka’s?

Every coach has his own methods, demands and vision. So, everyone differs. I’ve been working with many specialists during my career, and everyone had his own style.

This year all Dynamo Brest’s rivals will focus on matches versus the champions. Are you ready?

Indeed. I saw the attitude of Isloch of instance. But this is nice. When the opponents play with such a dedication, football won’t be dull.

Is it more difficult to retain the title than to win it for the first time?

Surely, it is. Again, the opponents will seek to show their best performance to grab points. We’ll have to deal with it throughout the whole season.

What team is the main title contender this season?

My list of teams won’t surprise you. As usual, these are Shakhter, BATE and Dinamo Minsk. Torpedo-BelAZ have nice team, Isloch will aim to finish high.

What about European cups?

To be true, I just hope the competitions won’t be delayed or cancelled. Domestic leagues are paused because of the new virus, Champions League is postponed also. Let’s wait for summer and new European season.

What dream does Oleg Veretilo have?

I don’t have a special dream. I wish all misfortunes elude me and my close people will be healthy and happy.

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