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Sergey Kovalchuk - about new players, golakeeper and plans for season

Sports Director of FC Dynamo Brest Sergey Kovalchuk comments on the principles of squad building during the pre-season.

-        -  It is difficult to work with Belarusian players. The club signed those footballers who really want to play here passionately. Most of domestic players and their agents have inadequate high salary demands and other conditions. I need to repeat, the contracts are signed only with those, who believe in our club and lives the same desperation.

First we needed to strengthen our defense. Lebedev, Aliseyko and Borisov are the players we rely on. Also there are some more defenders in our shortlist; we shall announce their signature timely.

Another position to be looked onto is the position of goalkeeper. We have two young talented goalkeepers – Vladislav Khvin and Vladislav Kuzhal, and they will definitely help us in some situations. But we are looking for an experienced first squad goalkeeper. All the domestic goalkeepers turned down our contract offers, and the behavior of some of them was really strange.

I presume, we will look for foreign goalkeeper. During this transfer window we are specially looking for players with EU-passports or players of those countries who have visa-free agreement with EU. We are looking for the footballers who graduated from respectable European football schools. Chidi Osuchukwu, for example, has residence of EU, he played in Braga reserves’ team and later promoted to the main squad, so we managed to buy the player. Another situation is with Saliw Babawo. He comes from Ghana, he is only 17, and we see him as hot prospect for future.

Also we are looking for one domestic defender, one striker and we are close on signing a defender from Spain.

I would like to admit that players like Babawo and Fedortsov are our future, the future of Dynamo Brest.

Also for the first time in Brest’s football history we didn’t loan players, only signed contracts. We finalized the signing of Joel Fameyeh; Dickson has already been signed earlier. Unfortunately, we couldn’t retain Pavel Nazarenko, who returned to Dinamo Minsk, but we hope one day he’ll return to Brest. Generally, we are happy that the backbone of the collective is saved.

Chizh, German, Torres, Afoakwa, Fameyeh, Avramia, Sed’ko, Bukatkin, Gavrilovich, Pobudey, Ivanov, - all these players signed 3-year contracts.

I need also to talk on ex-Dynamo players. Surely, we would like to see them in Brest again, but there are problems arise with either their age, or salary demands, or their playing position, which is already occupied by other players. We look for making a team with two equal squads, where there will be two players for one position. For example: Aliseyko and Ivanov, Chidi and Torres. This year we held a meeting with the staff and directors and decided to strengthen the squad and building the Academy rather than spending more on improving the infrastructure. Surely, now we need the result. We aim European qualification this year.

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