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Vladimir Zhuravel speaks on game against Dinamo Minsk

Dynamo Brest’s Head Coach Vladimir Zhuravel commented on the results of the first game of Belarusian Cup’s quarterfinal (2-2) against Dinamo Minsk.

– In a few words, the tie consists of two games. Today we were two goals down. I thanked the lads for the determination, for their reaction on first-half poor performance.

Can you point on the reasons for that poor first half?

– We shall analyze video of the game and make some conclusions. I don’t want to make analysis on the spot. Both teams looked unsure during first half, but our opponent managed to score twice. We were not worse side, this was the first official game, a cautious football. Let’s put it on emotions and exceeding desire to win. In the second half, I agree, the game became more open.

You have made two substitutions in extra time of the second half. Cautiousness?

– I didn’t think of it. I was satisfied with what was going on.

Was the team fully fit?

– Difficult question. It’s uneasy to judge on just one game. I would put it on emotional background, when your passion prevails over the skills. They (players) were driven by the will. Let’s see what happens in a couple of games, at least I will be ready to answer the question. I hope my team is ready.

During pre-season games Sedko seldom played in first eleven, but today was elected for starting squad. What is the reason? Is this because of Bukatkin’s injury?

– You are absolutely right. The injury of Bukatkin is an accident. Pavel is a candidate for one of national youth teams. He spent little time with us, but he is young. This is a part of our philosophy – let youngsters play. We were not afraid. He was under our control, he worked with reserves’ team, looked sharp. He fully met our expectations in this match.

Your opponent sacrifices this tournament and uses Cup games as part of pre-season preparation. How is the Cup important for you?

– I don’t know about anybody’s scarification. I’m not sure about professional sportsmen to sacrifice official games. The Cup is important for me. This is an official game, with supporters watching it. We have a large army of fans, who shout for the team. We cannot sacrifice anything. We will do utmost in any conditions.

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Venue: RSC "Brestskiy" 20.07.17 (Thursday) 19:30
Dynamo Brest
Dynamo Brest

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