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Vladimir Zhuravel’s word about the game against Dinamo Minsk

Dynamo Brest’s Head Coach Vladimir Zhuravel sums up the goalless draw against Dinamo Minsk, that led our team to Belarusian Cup’s semifinals.

– We are happy to qualify to next stage. We had a decent game in Minsk, so we needed to make sure we complete the job. 0:0 was a suitable result for us. The game was tough, like a semifinal all round. I would like to say special word to those who prepared the pitch today and the stadium as whole. To say also “thank you” to those who came to support us – we were not expecting such a crowd. This is quite pleasant and helped us a lot.

You’ve spent 90 minutes with uncovered head, no hat, no umbrella – is this a solidarity with the players?

– And this also. We all are equal and in the same conditions. To be honest, there was adrenalin, the game caught, so I didn’t feel the weather. When the game ended – yes, I felt the weather factors.

Taking into consideration the first match’s result, did the condition of the pitch help us?

Vladimir Zhuravel Dynamo Brest– It’s hard to say. Both teams were in the same conditions. Dinamo Minsk were driven forward by the situation. I didn’t like, that we started the game such precautious again. We were going to score, because one shot on the wet pitch could completely change the situation. That’s why I have questions not to the pitch, but to guys’ psychology. The qualification to next round is more important in a psychological way, not as a result itself. The team is new, with ambitious goals, the responsibility is high. I would like them to distinguish responsibility from the game.

Football is a game, and you should enjoy playing. The first official games show that we lack boldness. Some guys, like Fameyeh, play with joy – and he is mostly successful, he creates a lot of danger. The rest are helping him, but there are no obvious leaders. I was fearing to make three changes in the squad. Gavrilovich was suspended, Pasha Sedko was called up to the national team, and Dixon was given rest, because he made many appearances in recent games. I was anxious because of Andrey Lebedev, he lacked match sharpness, but I can praise him only. We don’t often make clean sheets, so this draw could be treated as a win.

Osuchukwu started the game in white T-shirt and left the pitch almost clean. Is this the sign of mastership?

– Intellectual. Chidi is the sort of player, who plays with his brain. We will tell him, that our players prefer use tackling on such a pitch. But this doesn’t mean that he was playing without diligence, if you hint on this.

What opponent would you like to get in the next stage?

– This is a rhetorical question. There is a draw. I never get the opponent I want, so I would prefer not to say anything. There is another side of the question: in April we will have seven games, and this is a tough schedule. And the fields will be not in best condition…. By the way, are there easy opponents in semifinals?

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