Sunday, 09 April 2017 23:35

Vladimir Zhuravel speaks on game against Krumkachy

FC Dynamo Brest’s Head Coach summed up the result of the match against Krumkachy, which ended in 1:1 draw.

- Of course, we are dissatisfied with the result. We will analyze the game and find out the reasons of such a performance. We treat is as a defeat. The second half seemed to be more interesting in terms speeds and dynamics. Both teams failed the first half. That was far from what we call football.

Do you link the failure with the recent game against BATE?

- No, I do not.

The stadium seems to be under the spells for your team, would you agree with this?

- A fair note. Third game – third draw, but I don’t believe in such moments. Anyway, everything is in our hands, I don’t see destiny in such cases.

Did Krumkachy supporters annoy you?

- No. I don’t hear anything during the game. How could they annoy? Perhaps, I don’t possess some information which would let me answer the question.

There are two games against BATE ahead. Which one of the two do you treat as more important?

- We will be preparing for the next one. This is the most important.

One could hear some row from the dressing room of your team. Can you highlight, who of your players was that?

- This is our dressing room and what happens there – stay there.

Next Match

Venue: RSC "Brestskiy" 23.07.17 (Sunday) 17:30

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