Thursday, 13 April 2017 20:26

Let's sing new anthem together!

On April 15 during the game of the Highest League’s 3rd round against BATE, FC Dynamo Brest will present a new anthem, which has been recorded together with the symphonic orchestra of Belteleradiocompany.

Before the kick off, musicians will sing the new composition, after which all the visitors will sing the anthem together and support the players while entering the pitch.

Football is not just a game, but also the atmosphere on the stands. Music is explicitly one of the components, which create the atmosphere on the stadium.

The new club anthem has been produced for four months inspired by the best European experience, when all the crowd sings all with one voice and creates the indescribably atmosphere, which inspires the team for new victories.

It is very important for us the text to be easy for remembering and written in Belarusian, which is the reference to national identity of the team.

Anthem's lyrics (Belarusian language):

Наш улюблёны сусвет
Я нясу да вас у далонях.
Хай заззяе годна Брэст
I на вашых стадыёнах.

Як падобны нашых мар
Гэты колер бела-сiнi,
Я стаю сярод маiх братоў,
I я тут,
I я воiн святла

Без каманды нiкуды,
А з камандай ―
Хоць у пекла.
Хай змяняюцца гады i гарады,
Разам мы назаўжды, назаўжды.

In summer 2016 FC Dynamo Brest presented the first anthem of the club, which is performed in rock arrangement. Now the club has a new anthem, which dramatically differs from the previous one and created for singing on the stadium.

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