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Vladimir Zhuravel talks on game against Isloch

FC Dynamo Brest’s Head Coach Vladimir Zhuravel summarized the match against Isloch, which ended in 3:1 defeat.

– I would like to congratulate Isloch with the victory. We conceded a quick goal, very soon equalized the score and had some chances to get back the game later. We failed to take our chances, this is how the match went. The shots from central zone from average and long distances is our problem. We were punished for the squandering.

Legchilin, Gavrilovich and Aliseyko were absent from the squad today. What is the reason?

– The schedule is quite busy. From April 23, until May 14, for 23 days we have to play six games. I would say, this schedule is not only busy, but a brutal one. Nevertheless, some guys need to have a pause. We have to involve the other players.

Legchilin even wasn’t on the stands.

– Alexey stayed in Brest. If he is not named among eighteen players, why does he need to go to Minsk? We travel here every week anyway.

The FC Minsk Stadium is unlucky for your team. Why do you fail to win here?

– We just cannot score one goal more than the opponent does.

It seems, the artificial pitch influences the team’s motion.

– I don’t know, you need to ask the players. Today was sunny weather and this didn’t contribute to the game’s dynamics. It’s obvious, everyone struggled to play today.

Kirill Kirilenko makes the appearance for the second game in a row. Are you satisfied with the play he shows?

– He did OK in Brest, and today he had a chance to score. The thing is not that we let him play every game, the thing is that we need to adapt the youngsters to the main team. The ten minutes they have, they need to use in full. Even being a substitute – is a kind of experience for them. Their time is yet to come.

Not the best start for your team. One victory in six games. Does that hit you psychologically?

– This doesn’t bring any joy for sure. I just can state that we owe our fans after today’s game.

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