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Vladimir Zhuravel comments on game against Slutsk

Dynamo Brest’s Head Coach Vladimir Zhuravel summarized the results of the game against Slutsk, which ended in a goalless draw.

- We witnessed a closed defensive game. Slutsk sat deep on own half with Sebai, Yatskevich, Kibuk… We were aware of it and prepared to it. With the exception of one moment in the second half, we didn’t offer the opponent any chances, but we lacked creation ourselves. There were many useless passing. We created some decent moments but failed to grab them.

- The problems of the team are mostly physical, gaming and psychological. What do you think?

- The result is negative, so that’s why the team is judged in such a way. Nevertheless, in Minsk game against Isloch there were enough chances to score, even too many for one game. Today – fewer. The result determines. We’ll make assessments, but I think, the problem is compound. Team’s fatigue and the schedule. In addition, we are exhausted mentally a bit.

- In previous games, you were managing the team near the pitch’s side, but today you’ve appeared there a couple of times only. Were you controlling the team remotely?

- It’s impossible to shout all the time near the pitch. The team’s got the instruction before the game, they know what we want. What went wrong? It was hard to break the massive Slutsk’s defense, they do it very nice. The lads need to think over it. If Torres drives forward - he drives forward. If he dribbles - … I cannot demand to keep such level from every player.

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