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Leandro Torres: Less journalist attention makes me feel calmer

On 14 June Torres has signed a new contract with Dynamo Brest. Right after the deal had been done, the midfielder told about his life in Brest, his famous tattoos, attitude to alcohol, and compared local football with Argentinean.

You’ve been an important player last season and remain being a leader. What is the secret of this stability?

- I prepare to every match and do my best to show the best play. It’s important to treat trainings with maximum seriousness and realize, that a footballer plays like he trains.

You’ve told that you are happy for your family and yourselves after the signing of the two-year contract. Have you already settled in Brest?

- We like the calmness, but the main problem is language barrier. We speak Spanish. Sometimes it’s difficult to communicate, but sign language helps all the time.

Леандро Торрес Динамо Брест

What do your wife and kids do while you’re training?

- They enjoy walking down the city, visit cafes, kids’ centers, parks. They are looking for active pastime in order not to sit at home. My son Francesco plays football. He likes doing it and asks constantly to come and look at him, but I’m often busy on trainings. 

You’ve made a tattoo, dedicated to Brest recently. How did this idea appear?

- I have many tattoos. One day I thought it could be a good idea to make a tattoo in honor of each city I've been playing in. Out of all my tattoos, I like the one with Brest Fortress most. There are also from Thailand and Bobruisk. I lack the ones from Ecuador, Chile and Argentina.

Леандро Торрес Динамо Брест Татуировки

The team’s captain Aleksey Gavrilovich has picked up injury recently. Have you been thinking of becoming the captain, regarding your contribution into team’s success?

- Indeed, I thought of it, but haven’t been offered. Our youngster Pasha Sedko has been wearing the armband recently, he’s born in Brest and plays for U-21 team. It was important for him to feel the self-confidence. I’d like to become the captain of Dynamo Brest one day. I feel my importance for the team and want to have the additional responsibility in dressing room and on the pitch. 

Belarusian football is believed to be athletic, and your height is 168 cm only. How do you manage to fit into?

- I have adapted to the local style. It was tough for the first time, when I've been playing for Belshina. I’ve learnt there not to be afraid of power struggle and take a beat on myself. I realized that there are many strong players in Belarus. Now, if I am fit, can play at any position: from goalkeeper to striker. 

You have had clear goal statistics in Belshina. In Brest you’ve scored 9 times and made 7 assists for 32 appearances. How could you explain the burst?

- I had bad luck in Bobruisk, and the whole team played worse. We had no well-built structure. Everything is completely different in Brest. There are quality players gathered here, and they are great lads in everyday life on top. This helps achieving a better result.

Леандро Торрес Динамо Брест 

How does it feel to play in our country after Argentina, where fan-culture is on much higher level?

- Indeed, the stadiums in my motherland are always full, you won’t see less than 15 thousand at any game, but I like being here, because I love to play in Brest. Our supporters are the best in Belarus, they are singing and supporting us until the end. I often meet different people in city, they know me, ask for a photo or an autograph. If they speak slowly, I even manage to understand some phrases. Generally, they express their words of gratitude and support. 

You’ve played in Chile, Ecuador, Thailand already, and now you are having your time in Belarus. How do you manage to get through with homesickness?

- Of course, I miss my country, especially some people. Here I have my lovely family, I’ve got new friends. We are making walks with my teammates, going out on picnics to learn one another a bit better. It's a great opportunity for me to learn the local culture and language. 

Леандро Торрес Динамо БрестWhat peculiarities of Belarusian culture have you already managed to catch?

- Borsh! This is top dish, my favorite. As for local traditions, I saw people visiting the Fortress on 9 May. It’s an important day for all inhabitants. 

You’ve brought a piece of Argentinean culture - mate tea. Please, tell us about it. 

- It’s made of special herbs and generally looks like the local tea. I like sharing mate with my friends. It has its special features. You can sit calmly, discuss recent news, talk on football and much more, handing the cup over. I don’t drink alcohol. I just don't like it, I prefer mate. We drink it with my whole family every morning and evening. 

Argentineans with wine is one of the most popular stereotypes. Do you really manage to live without alcohol?

- I can drink wine, but very seldom. I can have a glass of good wine with meat, having dinner, as this has positive influence on blood circulation. 

Could you please tell us, how did your nickname «Chino» appear?

- When I was a kid, 8-9 years of old, one my friend noticed my slanting eyes. That day I slept badly and got up very early, so my eyes were half asleep. So, I’ve been called a Chinese («Chino» means Chinese in Spanish). 

You were wearing a Mohawk on your head for the first time in Brest. Now you are almost bald. What makes you change the style?

- I change my haircut when I have something new in my life. I’ve come in Belarus and started wearing Mohawk, when I moved to Brest, cut almost all my hair and decided to stop here (laughing). 

Let’s turn back to football. After having worked with many good coaches, can you highlight some of them, who’ve made greater impact on you?

- I’ve worked in Ecuador with Jorge Sampaoli, who now manages Argentinean National team. I was young and knew little, and he has been calmly explaining me everything and helped a lot. The second coach is Gerardo Martino, who have worked with Barcelona and Argentina. He has been not only talking on tactics, but also tried to find a personal approach to every player. These two specialists made me who I am how.

Леандро Торрес Динамо Брест

What can you tell about Belarusian coaches? In comparison with those from Latin America. 

- The styles of Mr. Zhuravel and Mr.Kovalchuk are generally similar. They work hard on tactics, keeping in mind all details. The Argentinean way of life is different, that’s why those coaches are more crazy, in a good way. There are always TV and 20 various journalists attending trainings there. Such attention influences the way of thinking and emotions of coaches. 

Do players enjoy high attention or get irritated of it?

- I like being in Belarus more. I have less headache due to journalists don’t catch me everywhere. Some players like this attention, but as for me, footballing life in Argentina is hell.

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