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Borja Docal: Grateful to club for recovery and given chance

The Spanish defender, who has recently made his debut for the Blue-Whites, told about his life in Brest, recovery after the serious injury, cooperation with Fernando Cabaleiro, and shared his expectations from the ongoing season in the Highest League.

How can you describe Brest after four months spent here?

- It’s very calm. There are restaurants and cafes, where you can have a cup of coffee, or just to walk around the streets without haste. Generally, I am happy with everything here.

Many Brest visitors highlight the quietness of the city. Are you, perhaps, missing the hustle and bustle of the Western-European cities?

- I am from Santander. It’s a completely different city, in comparison with Brest, but it’s a calm one as well, so there’s no problem for me. The culture is different, but the more time I am spending in Belarus, the more I am getting used to the local life.

I had an experience of playing in a country with a different culture - Slovakia. Actually, it didn't help me a lot, as I have spent only one month there. In the very second game I got a serious knee injury and returned to Spain.

After the signing of contract with Dynamo Brest you told: «I think that this is a good opportunity for me to feel the importance of myself». Did you manage to feel?

- Yes, I can play football again, this is very important for me. I am grateful to the club for having this chance and for the recovery.

What injury did you have?

- Torn knee ligaments. This happened during my second game for FK Senica. There are a couple of weeks left until I am fully fit again.

I have been working with Fernando Cabaleiro for a long time (Physiotherapist) and now I feel much better. I am delighted to work with Fernando. He is a top specialist, a master of his trade, and he speaks Spanish on top. I am so grateful to him for all his help.

Tell us, please, about your debut game. What did you feel?

- Yes, I have played five minutes in the home game against Naftan. Thanks to the Coach for the possibility to enter the pitch. I noticed that Belarusian players are generally well built, but not so technically developed, as in Spain.

Our coaches draw much attention at tactical preparation, increasing it from day to day. As we can see, it starts working out.

We have won the Cup of Belarus and are going to improve the situation in the League. Now we find ourselves in the middle of the table, as we have been focusing on the Cup. In addition, there are many good teams facing us.

Is the victory in Belarusian Cup your first trophy?

- Yes. It’s very hard to win something in Spain.

Did the teammates and coaching staff support you during recovery time?

- Yes, they were constantly cheering me up and wishing soon return. I spent the majority of time with Fernando. We’ve done a large piece of work, and I am grateful to him for this. We saw improvements every day and this motivated on more intensive work.

The supporters had no time to understand, what football play Borja Docal. Could you please describe your strengths and, if not afraid, weak points?

- I am a player of the left flank. I am very quick, strong with good ball control. I try to work on these qualities. I have weak points, as any player has, but I prefer not to talk about them, but to work for them to disappear as soon as possible.

Dynamo Brest is about to make start in Europa League. Did you see the list of potential opponents?

- Surely, I am thinking about the Europa League, but before it we have to play some games in the domestic league. Of course, our table position is not so good, so we need to pull our socks up and improve the running situation.

What final position can Dynamo take on your opinion?

- I see three heavyweights (BATE, Dinamo Minsk and Shakhter Soligorsk), who are doing well and sit on the top of the table. We need to start winning every game to come closer to them. This is a must.

We don't lose at home, but in away games things are not going well. This is another component that we are trying to improve.

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