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Belarusian Cup. Smorgon - Dynamo Brest 1:4 (PHOTO, HIGHLIGHTS)

In the game of last-32 round of Belarusian Cup Dynamo Brest clinched a 1:4 away victory at Smorgon’s expense.

Key moments.

Vladimir Zhuravel decided not to make many changes in starting eleven in comparison with League’s games. Only appearance of Kirill Kirilenko and Adrian Avramia was coming to the front. Kirill has waited for his chance after a short pause without first-team football, and Adrian has completed recovery from his injury, which has worried him since the end of last season.

The guest team started proving their favorite status after 15th minute of the match, having adapted to the pitch and opponent.

First Aleksey Legchilin was first on rebound after Fameyeh’s strike, and overplayed Smorgon's goalkeeper from short distance. Later on, Fameyeh made a wise low cross to Chidi, and the Portuguese doubled the lead with a header from the goalkeeper’s box.

Joel’s attitude paid off on the 26th minute. The forward sneaked away 1 on 1 with the keeper and coolly beaten him.

All the three goals have been scored for 10 minutes of the game. We have never seen such fire rate this season so far.

The start of the second half cheered up the match. Smorgon’s forward Vitaly Ganich was first on the ball in a fuss near Dynamo’s goal and kicked the ball past Malherbe.

18 minutes later Fameyeh, who by that time managed to spoil several excellent chances, made the double. Dmitry German made all the job for the striker and the Ghanaian just needed to put his foot to the ball. This is striker’s primary task, and he did it.

In the middle of the second half Dynamo Brest significantly changed their squad, bringing Bukatkin, Vasilyuk, Mozolevsky, Babawo and Etoundi on, but all these changes didn't let the hosting team to turn the course of the game.

Our team kept controlling the ball, and Smorgon did more defensive job. 1:4 was the final score.

What next?

On 13 July Dynamo Brest makes a return to Europe since 10 years. The Blue-Whites will play a game of the second qualifying round of Europa League against Austrian side Altach. The game will be held on Cashpoint-Arena in Altach, kick off time is 19:30 (Minsk time).

The club organizes a bus trip to Austria for 100 euro + 60 BYN.

Discussion of all possible variants of the trip.


Dynamo Brest: Malherbe, Vitus, Lebedev, Avramia, Ivanov, Legchilin (Bukatkin, 77), Chidi, Sedko (c) (Vasilyuk, 78), Kirilenko (Mozolevsky, 77), German (Etoundi, 77), Fameyeh (Babawo, 70).

Substitutes: Khvin, Demeshko.

Goals: 0:1 - Legchilin (14), 0:2 - Osuchukwu (21), 0:3 - Fameyeh (24), 1:3 - Ganich (52), 1:4 - Fameyeh (69)

Yellow cards: Demidchik (27, rough play)

Photo report (61 photo)


Match facts

Venue: Yunost Stadium, Smorgon
Kick off: 18:00
Attendance: 600
Weather: +17°С, sunny, dry

Next Match

Venue: ВЦСК 29.09.17 (Friday) 18:30
Dynamo Brest
Dynamo Brest

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