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Vladimir Zhuravel: Important games ahead

Dynamo Brest Head Coach Vladimir Zhuravel answered journalists’ questions after the winning game against Krumkachy.

- Our main task for today’s game was tuning the team in order to avoid underestimation. We know what problems do Krumkachy have, but nevertheless, before the kick off the chances are always 50/50. As the game was running, it was seen that our team was motivated. The score could have been bigger, but we did what we had to. Now we need to prepare for next game.

- Could you guess Krumkachy’s lineup and tactics, keeping in mind their massive changes within the squad?

- We thought they would play with 5-3-2 formation. They have played recent games with Bogunov and Filanovich. These are two lads who create problems for defenders if they stay alone in the centre. This is a bit risky, but it paid off in Vitebsk, so we awaited this shape. But they chose 5-4-1 formation, more defensive approach, but nevertheless, in second half switched to 5-3-2. The main question was our performance, not the opponent tactics.

- Very important games are ahead with more serious opponents. Are you going to change your preparation or you are happy with how things are going?

- We don't lose third home game in a row, a 100% result. I am happy for the clean sheet. Indeed, more important games are ahead: BATE away, Shakhter at home. We won't change basis of our preparation: everything is well-working. And, if you paid attention, we have rotation - 5-6 players.

- There will be another lineup in Borisov, because we have choice, we have footballers and reasonable squad competition, so there is a replacement for any player.

Aleksey Gavrilovich returned after a long pause. His playing abilities are returning to him gradually. There were some shortcomings which I didn't like. We were playing not so close, keeping distance. We aim to build more close and intensive play, but despite it there were some set pieces and quick attacks near our goal. This is not quite good. Today we must have left no chances to Krumkachy. There is a work to do.

- When the score was 3:0, it seemed that forwards complicated some moments. Don't you want to analyze the problem with finishing?

- You see, attacking play often has improvisation moments. I am always happy when my players take creative decisions. That wasn't an ideal play, but nevertheless, we created many chances. We played firm and clear in defense, and improvisation in attack, when the score is 3:0, is encouraged. They looked for options, played with desire. 

- Perhaps, it would be an impolite comparison, but still, which opponent was easier - FC Minsk or Krumkachy?

- Any game is difficult. I wouldn't like to compare the two teams. The question is incorrect.

- Both teams played with 5 defenders…

- These are the tendencies of modern football, when many teams play with 5 defenders, then - with 3 central. We need to overcome it, find some nonstandard decisions: dribbling or majority creation due to individual efforts. Weather conditions are not the best: we are training two weeks under such a heat. This takes extra efforts, and we had no room for mistakes. Generally, I am happy today.  

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