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Artem Milevskiy: Heard «Milya-Milya!» chanting

In the game against Krumkachy the forward scored his first goals for Dynamo Brest, and after the final whistle told about his cooperation with Kirill Premudrov, admitted that he is looking forward to Friday game against BATE and congratulated all Brest citizens with the victory.

- The impressions are nice. I am happy to score, I had plenty of moments for it. I’m happy for myself, happy for the team. We all realized that we needed three points in this pursuit of top teams. Now we have 24 and happy with how the things are going. We are in wonderful mood and start preparation to the clash with BATE. I am used to these games, I missed them, so it will be very interesting in Friday.

I want to test myself in a game with a tough opponent, moreover, the game will be played in Borisov at a beautiful stadium. This will be an interesting game, and another one with Shakhter will be on our way. Very interesting.

Premudrov’s pass? Yes, we try to master such moments, these drilling passes. He is able to do them, but he’s a bit shy. I tell him: «Don’t be afraid. You are a midfielder and this is your job». He managed to make genius assists and had a nice game overall.

I celebrated the goal violently, because was very happy, this is very important for me. Local supporters like me and the whole team. We want to see full stadium. When such a crowd watches  your game, you want to show your best. Thanks a lot to the supporters. Bravo, Brest! Congratulations!

I’ve heard the people chanting «Milya-Milya!» when I have been substituted. That’s why I’m always sad when fail to score. And very happy when I score.

As for the game: the finishing was not superb, sometimes we were hurrying. Anyway, 3:0 - is a firm victory. I am happy and congratulate the coaching staff, all administrators, all interpreters, masseurs. They do important job, they help the team, that’s why I congratulate our huge family with the victory!


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