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How to get to Borisov?

Places in free busses finished a couple of days ago, but this is not an excuse to miss the trip. Here is the information about all possible ways to Borisov, where on 11 August at 19:00 BATE and Dynamo Brest will meet at Borisov-Arena.


There is a daily train from Brest to Moscow at 04:28, which has a stop in Borisov at 10:35. A second-class ticket will cost 9,13 BYN, coupe - 12,64 BYN. Train number is 132Б.

There is another train from Brest to Minsk at 11:57, with arrival time at 16:38 (652Б). Ticket prices start from 5,03 BYN. Then you need to make a change to another train, which goes from Minsk to Borisov at 16:53. At 18:05 you’ll be there. Train number is 7010, ticket price - 1,36 BYN.

Another variant includes free time in Minsk and early departure from Brest. Start of journey will be at 06:20, arrival at 09:35. 9,26 BYN is the price for this train, its number is 702Б. There is another more chip and slow variant. Train start is at 06:28, arrival to Minsk - at 10:56. Prices are from 5,03 BYN.

Картинки по запросу вокзал борисов

From Minsk to Borisov you can go at 15:57 on train number 6022. Arrival is 17:35. Ticket cost is 1.31 BYN. As it was written earlier, you can leave Minsk an hour later, at 16:53 with arrival to Borisov at 18:05.

Third variant: to take a train at 06:20 or 06:28. The information about the trains given above. At 10:41 make a change for the train to Borisov and come to the town at 12:08. The ticket will cost you 1,31 BYN. 6016 is the number of the train. Trains from Minsk to Borisov go every hour, so it won't be a problem for you to get there.

Important! If you go from Minsk to Borisov on regional economy class lines, you need to go off at «Pechynski» station, with 10 minutes of walking distance until Borisov-Arena. If you go with interregional/international lines trains, you need to go off at «Borisov» station and there will be busses 2б, 9, 9a, 10, 10a to drive you to the stadium. Bus stop «poselok Ostrov».

More detailed information about trains.


Apart from trains, there are minivans going to Minsk. First one starts at 4:40. At 9:55 you’ll arrive to the capital. Ticket price is 14,12 BYN. The next one starts at 6:00 and arrives at 11:20. Ticket price is 11,58 BYN. The last minivan starts from Brest at 9:00 with ticket price 13,79 BYN. From Minsk to Borisov there are minivans every 20 minutes, which cost from 3,80 BYN.

More detailed information about busses.

Tickets for the game

Dynamo Brest supporters will be on G1 and G2 sectors. Tickets can be purchased in ticket offices of the stadium or on Ticketpro website.

Cost: 3 BYN.

How to get back?

At 21:29 there is a train 657Б from Borisov to Brest, which arrives to Brest on 12 August at 07:45. Prices are from 7 to 15 BYN. There is another, more late variant - at 23:36. At 05:33 you’ll be in Brest. Prices are from 9 to 12 BYN.

There is an option to get home with a change in Minsk. There are trains from Borisov to the capital every hour, the last one is at 23:36. The train from Minsk to Brest 027Б starts at 01:08, the next one - at 03:53. There are very few tickets left fro these trains, so there is third variant - 06:12 for 7,72 BYN. Its number is 649Б.

Places to see in Minsk

Places to see in Borisov

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Venue: RSC "Brestskiy" 29.05.18 (Tuesday) 20:45
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