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“Savitsky is one of the best players of Belarusian League”

We gather brightest quotations of teammates, coaches and football experts about Dynamo Brest newcomer.

March 2017. Head Coach of Neman and ex-Dynamo Brest player Igor Kovalevich.

- I gave captain armband to Nikita Bukatkin in Novopolotsk, although there were more experienced players. In Grodno Savitsky deserves to be the captain. He is Neman’s leader. Pavel is one of those, who drag the team, and I don’t think we should pay attention to his age.

March 2017. Ivan Vorsovich, Neman’s Chairman.

- We’ve done a good job to keep him at the club, as he is an important player not only for Neman, and our supporters, but also for whole League. I think, any domestic club dreams to have such a player, like Savitsky.

June 2017. Igor Kovalevich.

- Savitsky? He is a good lad. He’s been severely criticized by supporters and haters. Now Pavel is the best player of our League. He overcame all barriers with dignity, like a real man. He passed all difficulties, even not being deserved them. There is a national malady – greed attacks. And when people see how good Savitsky is, they are suffering from the disease. He can play even better, I assure you, and there is a bright future ahead of him. I will be really happy, if a strong club invites him.

Игорь Ковалевич

Igor Kovalevich. Photo:

November 2017. Ex-Neman forward Dmitry Kovalenok.

- There is Belarusian Messi in Neman – Pavel Savitsky. He is beyond competition. An extraordinary person and a God blessed player. Now Pavel is one of the best Belarusian players. Savitsky could… Or can achieve high results. He lives interesting. People will adore or hate you if you are different. Someone is envying him. Internet is full with some stories, many of them are fake ones. Somebody notices a photo from night club, and creates an article about it. It’s like in school: a kid is given a picture and must tell what he sees on it. This happens in the Internet.

June 2015. Andrey Khachaturyan, ex-Neman partner.

- I’ve never seen Savitsky idling or playing not in full. He’s one of the best on the pitch being in any conditions. I’m sure he’ll be a classy player.

June 2015. Georgy Kondratiev, former Head Coach of Belarus.

- I saw him as a forward in my team. It’s hard for Pavel to play at a flank. As for me, he is not fully ready to hold all the workloads to play wide. Maybe, it’s because of his age or physiological peculiarities. He often takes pause, but one shouldn’t do it while playing wide. On contrary, there is a possibility for short breaks in the centre. Savitsky is able to blow up and score. Moreover, he’s skilled player with excellent left foot.

Максим Витус и Павел Савицкий

4 November 2017. Maksim Vitus opposes to Pavel Savitsky during Neman – Dynamo Brest game. Photo:

May 2015. Oleg Savitsky, Pavel’s father.

- Pavel is widely discussed because of his early debut. There are reasonable opinions, some others are not worth reading. It’s okay. We treat it with understanding. Pavel is only 20. There are players who haven’t played a single game in the Highest League. Well, the boy tried himself abroad, the experience turned out to be a bitter one. He has bright career ahead.

Quotations: “Vremya futbola” TV-program,, “Pressball”.

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