Wednesday, 07 February 2018 15:14

Radoslav Latal: After friendly against Rad we’ll build up main squad

Head Coach summarizes the match against Chornomorets.

I’ve split the players into two groups for everyone to have equal workloads. The same will happen in Wednesday during our next friendly. After that game we’ll start to build up the main squad for the first official fixture of the season.

I want to have a glance at all footballers in the nearest future to have full picture about their abilities.

Now it’s not the time for assessment of the performance. The full analysis will be done, but not right after the game. During pre-match instructions I’ve told that in the game against Chornomorets we must try to realize the staff we’ve been preparing during trainings. There were both positive and negative moments in the match. One of negative ones led to the conceded goal. We’ll analyze the moment with lads and work on elimination of weak points.

We want to play for victory in every game. Unfortunately, we failed to win in the first match of the camp, so I’m a bit disappointed with the result. Nevertheless, I gave the opportunity for everyone to be involved and their performance can open the doors into main squad for them. There is a certain progress already, although there’s a month and a half left until first official game. There’s plenty of time to improve our play. I’ll repeat: there were positive moments in the attack, as well as in defense, and in our pressure. But there were also moments, when we’ve been snapping and missed our chances.

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