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Savitsky: There were moments, but for realization

Dynamo Brest’s forward Pavel Savitsky tells about his readiness to the season and squandered chances after the victorious game against Vikingur. Despite poor realization, the 88th number scored a goal and made an assist.

Congratulations on first goal for Dynamo Brest. You could score more than one or two goals in the game.

Yes, I could score thrice. There were decent moments, but my realization was poor. In the first moment I’ve lost the goal, just needed to send the ball into empty net. Well, it’s OK, let’s save some goals for the season.

First half was tight, but in the second there were many goals.

Vikingur is a good team. They’ve played in Europa League, were first in the domestic league. It was a tense first half with some good moments, that we’ve missed. We’ve reshaped after the break, there were several substitutions in both teams, and I managed to score. We could have scored more, but it’s still a good result.
In comparison with past games, that was a successful match for me, but not the best one. I’ve missed many chances. I’ll do my best to improve my realization before the season.

How would you assess your physical conditions and team’s readiness to the season?

Physical conditions are fine. There are decent workloads, recovery, gym. I think, the team is ready. There will be another camp in Spain, where we’ll play with tough opponents, who’ll show our level.

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