Regional Sport Complex "Brestskiy"

The history of the stadium began in 1937, when on the Volnosti Tepereshney Avenue of Polish city Brest-upon-Bug there was built a football stadium. This was the predecessor of today’s Regional Sporting Complex “Breststkiy”.

That days Brest did not have its own city stadium: all the sport facilities with football fields were fairly primitive and served for the needs of military subunits, as they had been projected. The creation of military constructor ensign Bidas had totally another caliber on this background, with its large roofed stand. Therefore, not by chance, the new arena was named after Jozef Pilsudski: that was a mark of perfection and elite status in Poland of that time.

In September 1939, Brest became Soviet city. The stadium was transferred to sports society “Spartak” and given the corresponding name. The stadium operated under Spartak flag (except three years during Second World War, when the stadium was used as a station for armored vehicles) until 1972, when the main city arena was transmitted to society “Dinamo”. By that time, the stadium had basketball and volleyball grounds, seasonal hockey rink, tennis court and a slanting earthy cycle track. Later on after replacing cinder running tracks by rubber-bitumen ones, behind Western stand there was built a reserve cinder football field, which was sometimes used for motorcycle football competitions.

In April 1996, the management took decision to start the major reconstruction of the stadium and to take down all the old stands that were in accident conditions. The stands were demolished gradually for Brest supporters not to lose football spectacle. In 1999 the football field, sporting main body, Eastern, Northern and Southern stands with individual plastic seats were released for exploitation.

The sporting main body includes:

  • 8 (eight) running tracks with high-quality surface, internationally certified.
  • Jumping pits – 2 (two) for long jumps, 1 (one) for high jumps and 1 (one) for pole jumps.
  • Sectors for discus throwing and shot put.

By the decision #22 (25.01.1999) of Brest City Council, there was organized a State Regional Sporting Complex “Brestskiy”, that was later renamed into Public Unitary Sporting Enterprise “Regional Sporting Complex “Brestskiy”.

In December 2006, the Western stand, equipped with protecting roof, covering up to 70% of seats, was released into service. Nowadays the sporting complex consists of four stands with total capacity of 10.169 seats, track and field manege, main and warm-up track and field fields, which consist of main and training football fields. The surveillance cameras, which are situated along all perimeter of the stadium, enable controlling both all area near the arena and the seating places inside.

The Sporting Complex “Brestskiy” is one of the main training camps for athletes of the Republic of Belarus; its main sports are track and field athletics and football. The facilities of the stadium allow organization of regional and state athletic competitions. This is the only Republican complex, which complies with the actual standards, with fully equipped warm-up arena nearby. In 2007, the RSC “Brestskiy” received the first and only certificate in Belarus from IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) for full correspondence with international standards, allowing holding athletics and football competition of international level.

The sporting complex is the daily ground for sporting groups “Spartak” Sporting School, Olympic Reserve’s School, Regional Sporting School, “Dinamo”, Brest Regional Youth Sporting School, Sporting School (trampoline), and Brest State University. The complex is the main playing ground for FC “Dynamo Brest” in Belarussian Highest League. The stadium is fully equipped for any kind of football or athletics competition:

  • Two spacious and comfortable dressing rooms for footballers with corresponding technical equipment and medical rooms,
  • Two dressing rooms for athletes,
  • A referee’s room,
  • A technical room for filling protocols,
  • A room for match delegate,
  • A room for antidoping control.

The enterprise is under Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus’s rule. The form of ownership is regional communal. The management body is Brest Regional Executive Committee. With the purpose of improving the sporting service, the stadium has also exercise room and gym. There are daily groups of different specialization having their activities in the gyms: sport dance, choreography, classical aerobics, children’s yoga, belly dance.

There are also a café with the capacity of 60 persons and a hotel for 61 guests. Due to the fact, that the complex “Brestskiy” is situated in the very center of the city, it is surrounded by extensive infrastructure: a hospital, three hotels, numerous parking lots, a pharmacy, shops, the railway station, the main square of the city and a recreation-and-entertainment park. It is planned to improve the complex “Brestskiy” by installing the liquid pitch heating system and expanding the automatic watering system on the training pitch.