No to Racism!

Football is the game, uniting people. Equal and fair treatment must be applied to any participant of the game, which is the basics of respect to human dignity.

FC Dynamo Brest treat fighting against discrimination as one of the most important aims of our work.

We encourage the spirit of social responsibility among our players, follow the respectful behavior, excluding ethnic discrimination towards teammates, opponents, referees, officials, spectators and all people.

We announce that all people are born free and with equal dignity and rights and possess potential for constructive help in society’s development and well-being.

FC Dynamo Brest use following measures in preventing and fighting all sorts of discrimination and intolerance:

  1. Education the basics of tolerance to the pupils of the Academy;
  2. Applying disciplinary punishment towards players, concerned with racism;
  3. Implementation the policy of equal opportunities in football and social life;
  4. Taking measures against distribution of racist literature at the stadium and near it;
  5. Immediate deletion of all signs of racial character on the stadium’s territory.

FC Dynamo Brest is sure that Football is the instrument, which can influence public opinion. Racism is a large-scaled problem of social character. Football can change the society, by giving a good example to youth.

We must unite our efforts, strengthen our determination in implementation these responsibilities aiming suppression and elimination all manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and all related intolerance in all spheres of our life and all parts of the world, especially in sports. 

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