Belinvestbank JSC “Belinvestbank” - partner of FC Dynamo Brest
JSC “Belinvestbank” – one of biggest system-forming banks of the Republic of Belarus. The bank has a vast regional network and it is one of the biggest banking cards’ emitters of the country. The great experience and traditions, collected for 27-year-old history of development, first country’s EcoLogical bank successfully combines with responsible attitude towards nature, support of “green” projects, implementation of modern business practices, technologies and innovations. Be EcoLogical together with Belinvestbank!


maz JSC “MAZ-managing company of “BELAVTOMAZ” holding” – “Official “Plus” partner of FC Dynamo Brest”
Minsk Automobile Plant is one of worldwide biggest manufacturers of automobile technics, that produces a wide range of cargo and passenger auto technics for all branches of economy and industry. The manufactured technics corresponds to Euro-5 and Euro-6 standards. The distribution network of Minsk Automobile Plant comprises more than 150 subjects all over the world.


Prodtovary JSC Prodtovary – is one of first Brest retailers. As of 1994 the company is one of regional leaders in the sphere of retail trade. JSC Prodtovary always takes part in innovational projects of the town: the network of Prodtovary shops switched to self-service system, first supermarket MIKS opened in the city, there’s opened a big shopping centre Varshavsky. The network of Discounter shops is launched in 2017, which now includes 6 markets. JSC Prodtovary is also the leading alcohol importer of the region.


husso new JSC “DG-Center” – “Official supplier of FC Dynamo Brest”
The caviar house “ADMIRAL HUSSO” is the only mono-manufacturer of black caviar on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Due to ideal quality, strict control of all production processes, usage of solely natural ingredients, the company’s production is famous all over the world. Our caviar is being sold in the USA, RF, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Germany and many other countries.



JSC “Lokon” – “Partner” of FC Dynamo Brest

JSC “Lokon” is the successor of neighborhood hairdresser’s that were opened in far 1960. Precisely here the sharp dressers of “thaw times” made the famous “babettes” and perms with a spicy bow in the hair. In 2014 a young team took over the network to breath new live into “Lokon”, but saving the traditions. The young management determined the concept: despite the status interior, to keep the democratic format, offering reasonable prices. The main achievements of any salon are skills of their hairdressers and the base of loyal clients – shouldn’t have vanished together with global changes. The crew of young creators could part ways with the staff of “soviet past” and invite new specialists. But in this case the youth met wisdom: renovations started with comfort working conditions for the personnel – the management bought modern equipment, and created recreation and leisure facilities. Nowadays the network has reached a hundred of employees. The interior of the salon is designed in a “White loft” style, which presupposes the sense of comfort and appeals to basic values of a human: traditions and commitment to excellence.


ASTRON logo Astron (Lindab Group’s brand, Sweden) - the European leader in projecting and production of metal buildings of industrial and commercial purpose. The buildings are supplied by the network of authorized Astron Builders. More than 210 installations of different purposes have been realized in Belarus for 11 years, the overall area of buildings has exceeded 1 000 000 m2.


Audi The Audi brand has been officially introduced on the Belarusian market since 1994. The importer of AUDI AG in the Republic of Belarus is Avtosalon-AV LLC, which for several years has been the leader in sales of new premium cars in Belarus.


tonus "Brest Region Centre of Medical Rehabilitation for children with psycho-neurological diseases" Tonus is an outpatient and inpatient organization. The Centre receives children with affection of central nervous system, that goes with damage of locomotor apparatus, mental and vocal development, hearing and eyesight.


riko RikoHiše is a Slovenian company, that manufactures and realizes ecological and energy-saving wooden buildings. Today RikoHiše is an acknowledged and successful company with a number of international certificates. RikoHiše sets new standards for ecological high-quality wooden buildings. The company harmonically combines prominent business results and social responsibility.


7220 Service 7220 is a mobile application through which you can call a taxi in all the regional cities of the Republic of Belarus.


ont ONT channel was first launched on 25 June 2002. Today the channel firmly keeps leading position in Belarusian TV-area. 12 correspondent points throughout all over the world provide with fresh information from USA, England, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Germany.


Vici Vici brand belongs to Lithuanian company. For its twenty-year history, the enterprise has become a major producer of fish products, and currently occupies first place in the world in crab sticks production.


oblispolkom Region Government | Brest, Lenina street 11


gorispolkom City Government | Brest, Engels street 3


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