Plan of media events the day before and on match day FC Dynamo Brest vs. FC Sarajevo

Club 24 August 2020

According to the UEFA Return to Play Protocol, head coaches of FC Dynamo Brest and FC Sarajevo will hold their pre-match and post-match press conferences as part of the UEFA Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round.

Pre-match press conferences will be held on 25 August 2020.

18:30 – FC Dynamo Brest’s head coach Sergey Kovalchuk holds press conference

19:00 – FC Dynamo Brest training session starts

20:00 – FC Sarajevo’s head coach Vinko Marinović holds press conference

21:00 – FC Sarajevo training session starts

Media representatives have the right to visit open parts of team training sessions (first 15 minutes). They can take photos from Zone 3 (from the stands).

Only media representatives who have applied for accreditation for the match will be able to attend the pre-match press conference. Information about the accreditation procedure can be found following the link.

After-match press conference will be traditionally held after the end of the match.

Please remember that according to the UEFA Return to Play Protocol the number of media representatives at the press conferences will be strictly limited. Social distancing rules (2 meters) will be applied. You can join these media events online. All the journalists who have applied for an accreditation for the match will receive the link for streaming in Zoom on the day of either the pre-match or post-match press conference. Those who have not applied, but wish to be present, have to send a request toFC Dynamo Brest press office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The requests should have the subject “Pre-match press conference” or “Post-match press conference” and can be drawn in a free form. They should specify the full name of a journalist and the full name of the media they represent.

Rules for attending the press conferences:

  • the security service will allow media representatives to enter the press room. A limited number of media representatives will be allowed into the room.
  • all media representatives must wear face masks at press conferences;
  • media representatives must keep a social distance of 2 meters and occupy specially designated places in the press room. It is forbidden to move the chairs;
  • photographers and cameramen should not approach the press conference podium closer than 2 meters;
  • recording devices (voice recorders, mobile phones, etc.) should not be placed on the press conference podium. If you do not follow these rules, the event organizers may ask you to leave the hall.

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