The mayor of Brest has visited Razdevalka

Club 18 July 2020

Today, the mayor of Brest visited FC Dynamo Brest brand store Razdevalka. Aleksandr Rogachuk noted the excellent atmosphere in the new facility. The mayor shared his photos and impressions on social networks: “The stylish room has a cool atmosphere. The motorcycle of the legendary Maradona and, of course, draught beer fit in perfectly! Fans should note! The range, by the way, is quite decent. I recommend And there's a signed glass with my name on it. I have always supported bright ideas in our city!"

We are waiting for you to come over! Razdevalka is located at 17/2 Mayakovskogo str. in Brest. The shop is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

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