Season results: goal assists providers

Club 14 December 2020

Summing up the interim results of the season, fans pay attention to the most productive players. Goal assists providers always remain in the background, which is by no means fair. Without them, there would be no goals that are scored against opponents. So now let's look at the list of our goal assists providers of the current season. The ranking is based on the number of assists in the matches in all tournaments.

Artem Milevskiy - 10 assists

Denis Laptev - 9 assists

Sergey Kislyak - 7 assists

David Teklo - 6 assists (3 assists while in FC Energetik-BGU)

Aleksandr Noyok - 6 assists

Roman Yuzepchuk - 5 assists

Kirill Pechenin - 5 assists

Pavel Sedko - 4 assists (2 assists while in FC Rukh)

Sergey Krivets - 3 assists

Artem Bykov - 3 assists

Pavel Savitskiy - 2 assists

Aleksandr Pavlovets - 1 assist

Abdoulaye Diallo - 1 assist

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