Sed’ko – in Dynamo, Shevchenko – in Rukh!

Transfers 01 July 2020

FC Dynamo Brest and FC Rukh reach agreement on exchanging two young players: Evgeny Shevchenko leaves our team, but Pavel Sed’ko returns to his native club. Today Pavel has already started trainings with the first team.

Sed’ko spent the whole last season in FC Rukh, having made 25 official appearances, scored 6 goals and made 9 assists. Pavel has also been named as the Player of the Season by the supporters.

The midfielder made 12 appearances, scored 2 goals and made 2 assists in current season.

Before moving to FC Rukh, Sed’ko has been the captain of the Blue-Whites. His first appearance with the armband was against Naftan, when Pavel was 19.

Welcome home, Pavel!

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