Sergey Kovalchuk: “We were prepared to a tough game”

Interviews 20 June 2020

- First, we were prepared to have a tough game. Unfortunately, we conceded a goal, which was not in our plans. It was hard to break up the massive defense of our opponents. I’ve asked the lads to move the ball quicker. Overall, we did well, but Gorodeya created many chances from set pieces, this is the peculiarity of this team. It was hard, but my footballers managed to overcome and extend the winning strike.

The supporters call rain as “Dynamo weather”. What’s your attitude, has the weather helped today?

- The pitch was flooded in the beginning, and the ball kept sticking in the water. Luckily, we have a nice drainage and the water went away quickly. Things then went easier, but the pitch was swampy. There's no such thing as bad weather.

In a week you have a clash with Neman, the Western Derby. Can we expect Pavel Savitskiy and Sergey Krivets to be ready to the game?

- I doubt.

Today there were two young players on the bench: Aleksandr Shestyuk and Maksim Lotysh, who would comply with the next-year limits. Did you want to bring them on the pitch?

- I’ve expressed my thoughts on the limits, and won’t repeat. That was a force majeure, however the lads did well yesterday for the Reserves. That brought them to the first eighteen, another reason is that we lack many players.

Today it seemed from the stands sometimes that our fight flank sagged a bit: Bykov and Veretilo have been playing at unusual positions. Why haven’t you picked Yuzepchuk for the starting eleven?

- That was a plan. I guess Roman has played more football in recent months than for his rest life. Psychologically he needed a rest. He’s the first-team player, but the first team is not 11, but 18-20 footballers, and we count on him as well, of course.

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