Sergey Kovalchuk: “Winning strike is on”

Interviews 13 June 2020

This was our fault in such a game ending, we keep making same mistakes without proper conclusions. That was the only disappointing moment, because the game was under control before the dismissal. Then followed some unpleasant moments, which I’ll leave without comments. We have to take the blame. Nevertheless, I congratulated everyone, the lads did well, the winning strike is on. It’s strategically and morally important.

What has happened with Khacheridi? Kiki will miss the next game. How serious is Yevhen’s injury?

He felt pain in his hip. I don’t know if it’s serious or not, hopefully, he’s OK. Indeed, Kiki is set to miss the following game, so we have to find a replacement.

Torpedo applied high pressure in the starting fifteen minutes. It seemed like Dynamo had problems with building attacks. What happened?

Indeed, they cut oxygen in the beginning. Maybe, it’s because we spent much time on road to Zhodino, however this is our internal affairs. Second, I know how Mr. Puntus is able to tune his teams to pill the pressure from the off. I guess, these are two reasons.

Krivets witnessed the game from the stands, Savitskiy hasn’t come…

Sergey’s got a knock, hopefully, a minor one. Pavel has a fever, that’s it so far.

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