Sergey Kovalchuk: “Today I’m happy with all lads”

Interviews 06 June 2020

- It’s nice to win at home with such a score. We had a nice second half. We just made one early mistake and were punished for it by the opponents. That was not an easy walk, but the high class and proper tune of my players gave the result. They did well, my congratulations!

Savitskiy appeared as a sub against FC Rukh and scored twice, just like today. Do you plan to use him like a joker? BATE’s Alshevskiy has Milic, you – Savitskiy. Can we expect that?

I won’t say. These are just your thoughts. Maybe tomorrow Savitskiy appears in starting eleven. We shall take decisions according to the micro cycle of preparation.

Dynamo Brest concedes first at home for the third time. Is this a result of some underestimation?

I don’t think so. Opponents keep examining us. Kiki wanted to make it coolly, but it went not according to his plan. You don’t have to be afraid of playing. We just need to eliminate some shortages, as I’m used to say. Then we’ll have better atmosphere near own goal.

Pechenin seemed to be calmer than during the previous game. Are you happy with his performance against FC Minsk?

I’m happy with everybody’s performance today. Kirill missed quite a lot of games due to his injury. He’s building fitness, and we’re happy with it. Of course, this is not his best, he’s able to play even better. He’s gaining confidence through matches, as it always happens, and positive results accelerate the process. The footballer isn’t afraid of making a mistake and plays more confidently in certain situations.

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