Sergey Krivets: "Now my home is in Brest"

Interviews 10 June 2020

Sergey Krivets is one of the most experienced players of Dynamo Brest. He became the champion of Belarus and Poland, has been playing in France and China, scored against Juventus and has 38 international caps. Today we discuss this and much more with the midfielder of Dynamo Brest

You have spent many years at BATE. Are the matches against this team special for you?

I had six fruitful years at BATE, won many trophies and scored many unforgettable goals. The matches against them are special, because they have been champions for many years and now again sit at the top of the table. We are acting champions and aim to repeat the success, here comes the importance of the clashes.

Can you recollect the brightest episode from your spell at BATE?

There were many. I remember my first title, when we were going home in a bus after an unsuccessful game and learnt that we’ve won the league. Of course, qualification to the group stage of the Champions League, comeback against Hapoel after 0:2 in the first leg. To be true, I recollect the whole 6-year period with warmness, I have many sweet memories.

You’ve spent quite much time at Dynamo Brest, how have you received the offer to move to Brest and why have you accepted it?

There were some talks from the club’s representatives when Dynamo Brest met Lech Poznan in a friendly game. Some time later I got an official offer which I’ve accepted. My old contract has been expiring and the club’s project seemed attractive to me.

How much time have you spent for adaptation?

To be true, it took a bit more than I presupposed. I moved when the team was managed by Sergey Kovalchuk. In a couple of weeks, he was replaced by Aleksey Shpilevskiy, whose spell was also short. After the team has been taken up by Marcel Licka, I felt stability. My adaptation ended under the Czech’s management.

Unfortunately, a major injury followed soon. What thoughts did you have during recovery?

The only thought was to return to football as soon as possible. That was a hard period, but I felt the support of my family, they’ve surrounded me after the surgery, during exhausting recovering procedures. Later I returned to Brest to work individually during team trainings, and I saw I was close to my goal.

You’ve already mentioned the coaches of Dynamo Brest. Out of all your managers, who has influenced more on your football view and understanding?

First of all, I’d like to single out my first coach from Grodno, Vladimir Semerikov, who helped me in making first steps in football. Another influential person was Anatoliy Yurevich, who explained me a lot about the process of preparation and trainings. There were many beautiful coaches in his staff, like Kononov, Gol’mak, Kuchuk, Mustygin. I’m proud to be a pupil of such masters. Every single coach was interesting and useful for my professional growth.

Can you distinguish the processes of preparation in Belarus and other European leagues?

Surely, there are peculiarities. The players’ and coaches’ mentality, traditions and social norms, standards of living also matter, in my opinion. For instance, I’ve been working with a Spaniard Bakero in Poland. He wanted us to play combinational football, which is typical for his country. It was interesting and unusual. I realized that such style wasn’t that appropriate for Ekstraklasa. There are many additional factors.

Do you plan to use the rich experience in your coaching career?

I think about it. I want to stay in football after retirement as a player. However, hopefully there are a couple of years on the pitch, then I’ll take a pause, have a rest from the game, pay time to my family and then decide what role to take in football.

What is your opinion on the Highest League’s games during pandemics?

Footballers take same risks as other people. The shop assistants keep working in supermarkets, doctors and nurses keep helping patients, bus drivers keep bringing passengers to work. Moreover, we get big salaries, far bigger than other Belarusians. Why shouldn’t we come to work? If someone is scared – there’s an option to terminate the contract and stay at home. But when the whole country works, why should young sportsmen hide?

UEFA consider different variants of Champions League qualifiers. Does this uncertainty bother?

I’m not that bothered, the qualifiers will take place sooner or later. Indeed, now we know little about their format and dates, but we shouldn’t be worried about it. The main thing is that we are entitled to take part in the tournament.

Does your family live with you in Brest?

No, I accommodate alone. My family is in Poznan, and the borders are closed. We haven’t seen for three months, and these are tough times for me, we look forward to the end of the crisis to reunite and hug each other.

You were born in Grodno, changed some teams and now you play at Dynamo Brest. What place is your home?

Now my home is in Brest. Poznan is also close to me. I was born and grew up in Grodno. I’ve completed so many moves for recent 15 years, that I cannot count them all. And I don’t know where I will be in a couple of years. I just wish my family is nearby.

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Ice hockey

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Historical films

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Whatever – from rap to classic music

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