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Aleksey Gavrilovich

Birthday (Age): 05. January 1990 (29)
Birthplace: Pinsk 
Previous Clubs: FC Dinamo Minsk, FC Naftan, FC Gomel, FC Slutsk, FC Belshina
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 80 kg
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The defender strengthened Dynamo Brest’s squad in summer 2016, having become one of key players right away.

Aleksey is a pupil of Pinsk SDUSHOR-3. He has been playing for Dinamo Minsk from 2008, mostly for second team. In the second half of 2011, when Sergey Ovchinnikov has been the Head Coach, he started playing for main team of the Blue-Whites.

In March 2012 he was loaned by Naftan Novopolotsk, where was a first-team player. On 20 May 2012 he helped Naftan to win Belarusian Cup, having scored a decider in after-match penalty shoot-out against FC Minsk.

In January 2013 Aleksey moved to Gomel, where was a first-team choice. He used to play as a central defender, sometimes covering position of defensive midfielder or side defender. He started the season-2014 as a right defender, but soon was moved to left flank, having suited well on a new position.

Алексей Гаврилович

In January 2015 he extended the contract with Gomel. Soon he moved on trial to Russian side Mordovia, but stayed with Gomel as a result. In season-2015 he has become one of Gomel’s leaders, playing as a central defender. In July 2015 he applied to ABFF due to non-payment of salary and soon mutually terminated contract with Gomel.

In August 2015 Aleksey signed contract with Slutsk, became a player of first eleven, but decided to leave the club in the end of the season.

In January 2016 he joined Belshina Bobruisk, in July moved to Dynamo Brest, where became a key central defender. Aleksey has been Dynamo’s captain in season-2017. Due to an injury he missed games from May until July, having missed Belarusian Cup Final and UEFA Europa League’s matches against Altach.

Алексей Гаврилович

Gavrilovich has been playing for Belarusian U21 team. In 2011 he together with Artem Solovei have been conflicting with the Head Coach Yury Shukanov, who left him out of the squad. A new coach Aleksey Vergeenko returned Gavrilovich into the Belarusian U21 team after Shukanov’s resign in June 2012. Aleksey has also been playing in Olympic team of Belarus, having appeared as a substitute in one fixture of the Olympic Games in 2012.

On 9 November 2017 he has made a debut for Belarusian National Team, having appeared as a substitute in the second half of a friendly game against Armenia.


  • Belarusian Highest League’s runner-up: 2009.
  • Belarusian Cup winner: 2012, 2017.
  • Belarusian Super Cup winner: 2018.

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